The JW cult creates pessimistic personalities in all the PIMI congregants is my opinion

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  • goingthruthemotions

    I am not saying all JW congregants are pessimistic, but I would go as far to say all PIMI JW congregants are pessimistic.

    Why do I say this, my wife is my measuring stick. she has barely an optimistic bone in her being. She will only focus on the bad parts of anything. I have missed out on so many opportunities in our life together due to her pessimistic personality. I am partly to blame because I have never wanted to rock the boat and always keep her feeling in mind. I can't say the same for her when it comes to her keeping my feeling in mind. but I can't speak for her.

    But, This is the goal of cults like the JW's. Keep the congregants down with a bleak outlook on life. In fact I would go as far to say all religions do this. Because in reality I believe all religions are cults to varying degrees. The JW cult being one of the worst.


  • carla

    I would agree, my jw's glass is usually half empty as well. Then I pull out the 'think on the bright side', "if you only look for the bad that is all you will see", "that's funny I see the silver lining in....." or find some feel good story of people helping people to counteract his pessimism. That might sound annoying as hell but it actually does seem to help, most of the time. Also helps to limit news time as much as you can. Nobody needs to see the news 24/7 if they want to stay sane.

    I can blame it mostly on the jw's as pre jw days (before he joined the cult) he was much more of an optimist and found joy more often in little things. The jw's fill their congregations with gloom and doom on a daily basis, no wonder they are such an anxious lot.

  • Overrated

    I would a agree with this above statement. JW's always look at the bad in something. You get a job, it pull you away from meeting and service. All ways something with these people. No wonder they are depressed.

  • hoser

    It’s all salesmanship. The new car dealer needs to convince you that your old one is unreliable in order to sell you a new one. Then he has to sell you on the idea that the one you just bought might break down in order to sell you extended warranty.

    Jws convince each other that the world is so bad and can’t be fixed so why invest more in it than you have to. They sell you on the idea of a “new” system. If you run out of time and die the resurrection is the extended warranty that you probably won’t be allowed to collect because of the fine print in the contract.

    The organization needs pessimism to stay in business.

  • Overrated

    They are not very good sales people and the product and warranty is all fraud.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    Keep the congregants down with a bleak outlook on life. In fact I would go as far to say all religions do this. Because in reality I believe all religions are cults

    Looks like the pessimism rubbed off a little. A genuine Christian congregation is nothing like the KH. I was a 4th gen Witness, regular pioneer etc. Been going to an Independent Baptist Church for two years now. Night and day.

  • waton

    it started at the doors for many, talking about the "problems in the world today" and then having to go d2d and talking about the new "problems in the world"

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Just review the outlines for the Public Talk, 40 minutes or negative ideas, the world doesn't have the answer, the 5 minutes that God's Kingdom will fix everything, just sit back and wait.

  • Rocketman123

    Not surprising being that the JWS religion is an end of the world Armageddon soon cult, everything right now on earth is evil and bad ( current system of things ) which will be done away with soon .

    With that getting indoctrinated to every JWS during meetings and literature readings, its no wonder most JWS have a pessimistic psychological profile.

  • truth_b_known

    At the core of Watchtower teachings is that we live in a "wicked, old system of things" and true happiness can only be found in the "New World". All bad news is accepted with a smile and no verification because it furthers the belief that Armageddon is close. Beliefs look for facts that fit to mold reality around it.

    I remember several years ago 2 JWs, an older couple, came to my door. They asked what I did for work. I stated I was a police officer. They replied, "Well, then you would agree that the world is becoming worse." I replied back "No. Statistically crime is going down. This are actually getting better." The couple became speechless.

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