Encounter with a long time elder. (Jehovah's happy people)

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    never a jw


    I don't think JP wants to put the old man in prison, or torture him. He is only saying, or at least I am saying, he is responsible for his decision, for his life, and ultimately for the misery of his own children whom he indoctrinated. Let that serve as a lesson to those who are not JW's. And yes, treat the old man with compassion.

    We have to stop the "justification game" at some point. We can go back to the beginning of time and end up with "It's the fault of the creator", or bacteria (suit your belief)

  • freddo

    I think you can hold both views and there is merit in both.

    This chap - and many like him - came in as a young man of about 30 with young kids. He'd witnessed - like my parents - WW2/Cuban missile crisis/JFK shot/Nuclear arms race/civil unrest/Vietnam etc.

    Some old gentlemanly geezer calls by and shows him its all prophesied (*King of the North = USSR/South = USA/UK - The Generation - 1975 etc.) and he can have a wonderful future for his kids.

    No internet. Not much in the public libraries on JW's. Like so many others he fell for it hook line and sinker. But note his brother did too and yet he is now virtually inactive.

  • Diogenesister
    Him Laughing) I dunno - when you were a kid you had to be evacuated from (CITY) because of the German bombing. My Aunt lost her job when her department store got flattened!
    Him: That's true! You do make me smile Freddo!

    Bless him, you reminded him of his youth, carefree days ( before he became a dub. Before he grew old, too)

    Him tells me how it's going - the son - walking stick heavily overweight - depressed not holding down a job. Daughter - Depressed - her husband not working has M.E.

    This breaks my heart. Someone should do a study on it, it's GOT to be the religion, it takes away your drive, the authentic you.

  • Diogenesister
    Wozza You must have had it rough jp.

    His passion comes from the fact he cares.

  • zophar

    Wasanelderonce and The Fall Guy

    I think more on the lines of extending pity to the deceived and blame to the deceivers. By their own standard that places the GB in tough spot with their God. Maybe this is relevant: James 3: 1 Byington: "Do not many of you be teachers, my brothers, knowing that we shall come under greater responsibility."

    GB more responsible with every new measure of authority they dole out. Reminds me of the losing side in a war. The leaders hold most responsibility but all in under their domain suffer as a result. Just look at the ruins in Europe after the WW's.

  • zophar

    .....by the way Freddo. Excellent job of showing concern to the old man. Maybe your subtle approach caused some Cognitive Dissonance and he will think about things a bit.

  • flipper

    FREDDO- Thanks for sharing this experience. Very sad for this man. Reminds me of how my older parents were before they died. Especially my elder dad. I feel my mom had broken out of the WT mindset, but my dad held on to the end. Very sad as all these older JW's were promised they'd NEVER die ! Which was and remains an outright lie. I feel sorry for them that they were so trapped inside the WT inside their heads through mind control- that they never felt they had any other options not even exiting the Witnesses.

    For many of them - the shock of having the rug pulled out from under them after 50 or 60 years - would have been enough to kill them from heartbreak or heart attacks or strokes quite possibly. Many people at that age aren't able to make these changes and face up to the fact that they just wasted their entire life on a fantasy - or a pipe dream

  • truth_b_known

    I love reading these stories. I once had an older couple knock on my door and bring up "the world is only getting worse." I told them that just the opposite was true and rattled off of the things that are improving. Their eyes go as big as saucers.

  • nowwhat?

    The 1960's were very turbulent times. It sure looked like bible prophecy was being fulfilled. If the end was to come surely it would have by that time. And when it didn't happen in 1975 the conventional wisdom for most was ,so what if we have to wait a few more years we have the absolute promise that the 1914 generation would not pass away. Goes to show you can make the bible say whatever you want

  • Finkelstein

    Lies and expressive bullshit support the JWS religious organization.

    ........but that's how they have been programed to say and think.

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