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    Hey doc...

    Canadians say zed.... I remember placing an order in South Carolina for custom furniture and the operator kept correcting me on that saying "Did you say Zee"? lol... I said no, I said zed but it's the same thing.... hahahahah.. she was not impressed... no sense of humour to say the least...

    Oh well... if she only knew she was speaking to another American....*sigh*


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    There's something about snow people eh?

    Being able to drive in the stuff is second nature to most people who've lived here... and not just in Toronto... they rarely get what most of us call "snow"! WTG Detroit.... we luvs ya too!


  • jgnat

    drwtsn, zeee as in I am gonna flee or I gotta go peee.

    thirdson, found it!


    I do hope our American cousins keep Canadian politics and Canadian people separate. I am personally embarrassed by some of Cretien's comments. Especially his unsolicited advice to Bush on how to run a country. They were simply cheap shots to earn him votes back home. Terribly selfish actions, in my opinion, considering that Cretien has strained relations between two nations intimately tangled with each other economically and politically. Consider, for instance, the recent blackout.

  • Thirdson


    I could kiss you!!!!

    Thanks, I'm off shopping right now.


  • Simon

    Mmmnnnn Fusion bars !

    They are my favourites (when we stop for petrol erm ... gas)

    I remember ordering something over the phone years ago (pre-www-internet !) and had a hell of a time when I got to our postcode: M44 6ZR

    "Zed?" asked the woman

    "erm ... yes, 'Zed' " I said, a bit confused

    "What's 'Zed'?" She said

    Even saying "you know, the last letter of the alphabet" didn't seem to give her the hint !

    Finally, I remembered some snippets of Sesame Street and tentatively suggested "zee?"

    "Oh Zee !" she exclaimed, and all was ok.

    Damn colonials messing with our language !

  • SanFranciscoJim

    I don't know how I missed this thread. Probably overlooked it deliberately.

    For those who don't know my story, I am a homeowner in Nova Scotia. This past April, my partner & I drove from California to spend the summer in Nova Scotia at our home, with a hopeful outlook of immigration. After 2 1/2 weeks on the road, we reached the Maine/New Brunswick border. There, we were taken inside the immigration building and interrogated like we were potential terrorists. Our car was torn apart by six immigration officers!

    We were deported out of Canada because my partner made an error 16 years ago. Even though it no longer appears anywhere in U.S. records (the file was closed 11 years ago), it still appears on the NCIC database. We were told by the immigration officer that if we tried to enter Canada, he would be re-arrested for the same crime as if it had been committed yesterday!

    Having nowhere else to go, we drove down here to Pennsylvania (I grew up here & know the area well), and have been stranded here ever since. I had shipped a lot of our furniture ahead of us to put in our home up there, and it cost me several thousand dollars to retrieve it.

    I called the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC and was told by the ambassador's aide that the reason we were treated this was was in retalliation for the way Canadians were being treated by the so-called "Homeland Security" branch of the U.S. government, and in protest for Bush's having gone to war in Iraq against the protestations of Canada and other countries. She was very blunt about this.

    I had been visiting Nova Scotia every summer for the past ten years. My partner & I had been travelling as a couple there for the past 5 years. At no time did anyone warn us that deportation could happen at the border over an old off-the-books offense! This includes a visit we made to Nova Scotia one month before we left California, and spent an hour at Canada Immigration/Customs making sure all our "i's" were dotted and all our "t's" were crossed.

    I have my "dream house" in Nova Scotia, Canada up for sale. It breaks my heart to have to sell it, but I have no choice. Neither of us have been able to work since we left California.

    In order to help facilitate it's sale, I have built a web page for the house, complete with a slideshow of the exterior, interior, and views. Please have a look. If you should know of anyone who might be interested in purchasing my house as either a permanent residence or vacation home, please pass along information about the web page: http://www.rationallunacy.com/houseforsale/

    I am currently under doctor's care for post traumatic stress disorder and acute insomnia due to this incident.

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