WT Says Demons Kill Children for Revenge!

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  • berylblue

    Gamaliel, I was thinking the same thing.

  • berylblue
    OK, I would've killed all of them, but at least I got them into theocratic hell (aka "spiritual paradise") for the rest of their lives...I guess my work is done here.


    LMAO at that one

  • BluesBrother

    Stories like these are difficult ,if not impossible, to disprove to those who are determined to believe them. After all , the gospels are full of accounts of demon possesion .

    I recall a scary public talk when the speaker actually called on a local "Sister" to go up and recount her experiences of a demon that attacked her and tried to get into her bed , until she called on Gods name.

    It is funny how the victims are always sisters of a nervous disposition, but we could never pooh pooh the accounts because the Society gave them such credibility.

    It is a wonderful easy answer to explain anything one dislikes, eg Heavy Metal Music, or horrible crimes or even the ordinary mishaps of life "Must be the demons!"

  • Perry

    [QUOTE]I stopped eating and had moments when I completely lost my mind.[/QUOTE]

    Interesting clue.

  • uriah

    I could write stories like those here. I have really lucid dreams and generally have a good time, I especially like flying as I know I can't get hurt, despite the fact that I am afraid of heights.

    Now, some dreams are not lucid and they are scary as I cannot speak, have 'whisperings in my ears' and feel that the 'D's' are coming for me, I see shapes and feel their breath as they often hiss in my ear. I know what to do, I have to call on Jehovah, so I try and all I can say is JJgrrrrrrrroooooogggrrrmmmmm as I am paralysed (as we are when dreaming - generally) Now being brought up in a climate of fear, death and destruction as witnesses are, I attributed this to demon attack - as one does. Couple this with guilt of being intrigued by my somewhat 'knew\saw that was going to happen' type of spooky happenings throughout my life (and I don't mean your deja vu type stuff) and I was a prime candidate for thinking demons are attacking me.

    To illustrate my lucid dreams, here is one:

    I was on a train going toward a tunnel. I had a fear of the tunnel and knew I did not want to enter it. I thought, well, I'll just wake up and stop it. I couldn't wake myself up and the tunnel was coming closer. What to do? Wifey was asleep next to me and I thought 'I know I'll wake her and tell her to wake me' So I did. With repeated, strangulated cries of 'Wake me up' and thinking 'for pete's sake, wake up woman' she finally did and shook me awake saying 'wake up darling you are having a dream and shouting'. I said 'I know, what took you so long'. Which left her puzzled.

    Anybody have similar dreams or are you all shaking your heads thinking 'What a weirdo, I'm outta here'

  • Pepper

    All of this is such a bunch of Bull Shit, I can't belive anyone would belive this crap.

    Its religions attempt to control again. Pepper

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