WT Says Demons Kill Children for Revenge!

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  • Valis
    The Watchtower is guilty of promoting Superstition!

    Some of us call it practicing Demonism....


    District Overbeer

  • Englishman

    Both my parents would laugh at witnesses who were obsessed about demons. They were sort of witness "upper middle class", and when anything went missing or something untoward occured, would shout "Demons!" and laugh uproariously.

    Odd really, Dad was a PO and a buddy of some of the bethel hierarchy who were of similar opinions.


  • heathen

    Those are some chilling horror stories if ever I read one . I love stephen king but at least he doesn't claim to write non fiction . I'm with gameliel on the fact that none of these alleged killings are documented and no investigation or autopsy was performed on the bodies . I didn't get where this all took place but I do know there are some very depraved places in the world especially ones with witch doctors and such. I also agree that the watchtower is guilty of promoting superstision by printing stories that are subject to scrutiny and have no proof that the events happened as described. I do believe in evil spirits but jeeze this even makes me think twice as to fact or fiction.

  • wednesday

    i remember when they printed that story, the highlight was the demons toying with the girl(or so it seemed at the time). scared all the young sisters, being raped by a demon!!!1

  • OICU8it2

    I had occasion to get to know a programmer from the same country. I asked him about religion and God. He said over there they are ignorant and beleive in a form of animism. A good deal of time and energy is spent in mindless rituals and appeasement scams. The "shetani" will take many forms and bring darkness in along their backs. You know when they are present. They can control you if you notice them especially if they see you looking. He said he was happy to be educated and out of that place he referred to as the armpit of the earth.

  • rocketman
    speakers when the story has potential for impact. It was in fact one such story that first began my wife's doubting the WT as a reliable source of information.

    Looks like such stories can be useful......they led peacefulpete's wife to doubt the WT.

  • Soledad

    I remember reading that article several times over when I was about 12. I was scared sh**less, but I read it over and over and over again. coincidentally I "suffered attacks" from that time until I DA'd. my mother says it's because I'm on "their side" now.

  • reporter
    "They loved to talk about sex and insisted on having relations with me. It was shocking. I was married. I did not want to be unfaithful and told them so. It did not help. Once an invisible force overpowered me, touched and squeezed my body, and even bit me. I felt wretched."

    ‘Spirits encouraging sexual immorality? That is farfetched!’ you may exclaim. Are those spirits really that debased?

    Yep. Especially when they influence the

    [not mincing words here] WTS-pedophile-paradise-Satanic-demon-obsessed-and-posessed-cult [/not mincing words here]

    Seriously, all throughout their publications they promote fear of death, fear of "displeasing Jehovah", fear of disobeying parents, fear of disobeying the organization, and fear of demons. Holly mentioned how Paul Barry thanked her for her sexual "obedience".

  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    Interestingly, there are many accounts of male spirits having sexual relations with women from all corners of the earth all through recorded history. In fact, it is so common that it has it's own name: Incubus.

    Just posting this to show that this story is not exclusive to the JW's, whatever the actual cause of these hullucinations.


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Nothing like revealing the real 'truth' of Good News to the young

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