Last Memorial Experiences

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  • dogisgod

    Why would I go to a party in which I am not allowed to participate?

  • Chook

    I must state I think Pale has the zeal of a high priest to take the emblems, I would like to do it but I haven't put a suit on since leaving, but I do like full moons. I don't even like reading 3 min of WT bullshit so 1 hour of torturous story telling would do me in.

    But I do love watching the YouTubes of people taking emblems, I reckon the best approach is to go to cong where no one knows you, then play the rockstar elder from the other end of country spin a story that would make big Tony proud.

  • stillin

    I was so pleased to notice the younger guys being helped to feel a part of things. They got to help out there in the parking lot. You could almost feel the self-importance in them as they told you where and how to park, shined their flashlights and shepherded the flock with loving care. Future elders, each of them!

  • Phoebe

    I agree with Zeb. Everyone is looking to see who is or who isn't there.

    I was raised to believe even if you left the truth, you came back for the memorial and the day you gave that up, well, that was it.... you had truly gone over to the dark side.

    I've been to over 60 memorials, I've hunted down K.Halls on holidays that coincided with memorials. I have never missed one, but I don't think I'll be going next year. That is something I never thought I'd say!

    I'll tell you a story to highlight how pathetic some witnesses are about memorials.

    One year I persuaded my son and husband to go to the memorial (husband had left the truth, my son studying at the time) but they didn't feel comfortable going to my congregation so we went to one in another area.

    A few weeks later my son was invited out for a drink in a local pub by a brother he knew quite well. When he walked into the pub he noticed a bunch of witnesses he knew from my congregation put down their drinks, get up, give him a filthy stare and march out together. He thought that's odd but thought nothing else of it. Until a few days later when the brother he was having a drink with called up to apologise for their behaviour. Apparently, they assumed my son hadn't attended a memorial and when they heard he was meeting this brother for a drink decided to go over en masse to the pub and to deliberately WALK OUT as he came in to make a POINT that they were disgusted he didn't attend the memorial (which of course, he did)

    How utterly pathetic is that??? In a way they did us a favour because my son was so shocked and disgusted, he stopped his study.

  • Saename
    If you have any questions, take it up with your local priest.

    I never went to church, but I suppose I'll have to talk to somebody knowledgeable about that. I'm curious how Christians who believe in evolution reconcile that with the notion of soul and the original sin.

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