Do they officially give marking talks without telling the one marked?

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  • Wakanda

    Thank you all very much. I can't believe I thought they told the marked one. oh wait. I remember as a kid a friend telling me that they are about to mark her Mom. That was quite a while ago, and I'm sure WT changed for legal slimy reasons. So. Now I know I was definitely marked a while back. I could not convince my PIMI hubby because I DID ask an elder about it and he lied, lied, lied. I WAS quite bold! ;) I even believed him a little at the time, even though I was PIMO for a few months by then. The next Sat my hubby and I went out in service and I told him most everyone, including ALL the elders, were very cold. Hubby is clueless this way, very math like mind if that makes sense. Anyway, now I totally believe my PIMI friend and will give her as much support as possible. I really wish I could give more details, it is just SO unique!!! I have never read about the situation surrounding the marking here or anywhere else.

    Thanks JP and others for the inside info!

    Done, too funny.

    Thank you all so much.

  • Fisherman

    It depends on what you mean. The congregation must first attempt to counsel the person.

  • Done

    You commit a sin. Confess to elders. Repent. Receive private reproof. Next meeting they have a marking talk for you.

    If you're repentant and privately reproved a marking talk doesn't seem to fit the pattern of loving shepherding.

  • Fisherman
    Next meeting they have a marking talk for you.

    Marking is for "disorderly ones" that haven't actually committed sins of a df degree.

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