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  • wheelwithinwheel

    Sent the following to my JW friends and contacts. Thought you might enjoy the read!....


    You’ve probably already heard. A big Russian family just got a medal. Directly from Putin. And they happen to be Jehovah’s Witnesses. Here’s what it looks like:

    It’s the kind of item JW’s tell their studies to destroy or discard with a certain revulsion. But wait, there seems to be a flash of new light!

    The worldwide brotherhood is very excited. Brothers and sisters online are calling it an evident demonstration of God’s hand, Holy Spirit in action, and an answer to their prayers. One elderly witness wrote that, in her whole life, she had never seen such a clear demonstration of Jehovah’s Spirit. They are also crowing that it is a reaction to all the letters they sent, that Jehovah is manipulating or ‘playing’ Putin like a puppet, and are predicting a huge win in the next round with the Russian government.

    No apparently, this is a really, really good medal! A tool Jehovah is using!

    It’s not clear how the Governing Body learned about Valeriy and Tatiana Novik’s award but what is crystal clear is that they fully approve. They have proudly displayed the big story on their website and publicized it to news agencies.

    (official JW.Org link)

    In fact I think it is reasonable to say the JW.Org article is the source of all the excitement and the numerous thoughts and comments from the brothers and sisters online. The Governing Body’s message is very clear. They believe the Novik family’s medal is Jehovah’s way of helping them get their real estate back.

    Witnesses seem to believe Putin is ‘after’ each of them and this miraculous medal story has tricked or manipulated him, or is evidence Jehovah has made him see the light. I suppose it never occurred to any of the JW’s that Putin really has nothing against them personally. Their lives and religious beliefs are of little concern to him or his government. As Russia’s has made pretty clear, their complaint or “radical extremism” concern is with the type of recruiting activity shown below.

    I don't think Putin has been fooled by anyone or has changed his views, but then I could be wrong. I’m learning to accept I’m not a very good prophet. I was dead wrong about Trump LOL.

    I also don’t believe Jehovah’s Witnesses are aware that these awards simply have to do with Russia looking towards its own future and nothing to do with Jehovah’s Witnesses and their family rearing skills. Russia is, without a doubt, extremely alarmed with the country’s slowing population growth. However it appears none of the celebrating brothers and sisters understands that the government believes encouraging Russian families to have lots of kids is preferable to encouraging immigration, which could bring a risk of radical religious ideas and cultural change to the country.

    The reality is, this honorary medal is for producing future Russians and has a lot more to do with the 8 children than it has to do with being an exemplary family.

    While I am somewhat amused with the Governing Body for, on one hand telling the brothers Jehovah is just not intervening in situations today and, on the other hand constantly pointing out His miraculous interventions with every new webpost and broadcast, I do have some ’more serious’ questions that leap into my mind.

    The first (honor and glory): Don’t birthday celebrations pale in the ‘glory and honor’ comparison to getting an Honorary Medal directly from President Putin at an official governmental ‘medal party’? Isn’t JW.Org’s constant message: “don’t reach for glory and honor”? It’s even part of the witness reasoning behind the ‘do not pursue higher education’ rule. So does this change of viewpoint on receiving honor, and pinning it on your chest, indicate it’s now acceptable to honor someone worthy on his/her birthday? Can JW’s now have medal parties and wish each other “Happy Medal Day!” We really need to clarify this: Is honor from a banning, dictatorial leader to be classified as ‘approved by Jehovah’ while honor and appreciation from your friends and family is still considered something ‘wicked in his eyes’?

    And second (pagan religious symbols): Why did brother Novik feel it was OK to attend this political ceremony and then accept this medal adorned with a pagan religious symbol? Did he fully reflect on the numerous Bible principles involved? If so, which ones? Did he consult his elders? Did they consult the Governing Body? Did the GB provide a reasoned Biblical analysis of the question? And, equally important, is the question of what Valeriy will do with the medal now? Throw it in the trash? Destroy it? Putting an honorary cross up on your wall or even keeping it in your drawer warranted a judicial committee just one JW.Org web article ago.

    Anyhow, I’ll be waiting and watching to see if Jehovah is going to use a ‘glorious’, pagan, religious, symbolled medal to vindicate his name. And if He does, I think I’ll start wearing an ornate golden cross around my neck.

    Just to be on the safe side. I wouldn’t want to question Jehovah’s ways and end up disapproved.

    P.S. I just hope bro. Novik doesn’t get the idea to theorcraticize his medal and cut off the arms to make it into a stake medal. Or just throw it in the trash. ‘Cause if ever Putin decides to ask him to return the award, things could get ugly. After all, we are talking about the King of the North here. Or, does this still stand now. Not sure…anyhow I’m sure you get my concern. Think it would be safer to send it to the Governing Body, to be put in the glass case with the Telly awards. Putin sure can’t throw the GB in prison. And they can’t be disfellowshipped for possessing a pagan religious symbol either.

  • smiddy

    Thanks for your post WWW ,is this brother Novik and his family just the average JW`s family ,I mean just average publishers and he has no "privelidges" in his congregation ?

    This may be an excuse for them when they realise from posts like yours and others how hypocritical they are in holding this up as a good example of a witness.

    Accepting a pagan religious symbol from a leader of a country that is under the control of Satan the Devil ? 2Cor.4:4

    We will forget for the moment that they,the Govts. that is , are their by Jehovah Gods arrangement according to the Bible Rom ch.13

    Is that a Bible contradiction ? Sorry off topic.

    Jehovahs Witnesses condemn the Governments political /religious systems around the world as being under the influence and control of Satan the Devil ,yet they have no qualms about recieving awards from these governments when it suits them ,even holding up pagan religious symbols they condemn as proud recipients of them.

    Jw`s can be honoured and recieve gifts like an award by Govt officials for various reasons , but hey a JW cant have a birthday party or recieve a gift ,on the other hand married couples can be honoured on their wedding anniversary and also recieve gifts.

    As I said on another thread these children are young , wait till they go through there teen years ,most of them will have abandoned the religion as being a cult by the time they are in their twenties.

    Getting back to your OP ? LOL

  • Diogenesister

    This is a long term medal Russia has always ( since revolutionary times at least) had to reward good Russian women who produce lots of soldiers and workers for " mother Russia".

    Its got zero to do with either good parenting skills or religious affiliation.

    **Back in the day a medal the shape of a *cross* awarded by a *worldly government known for persecuting jehovahs people* and given to a jw for producing lots of children in this evil system would have given Fred Franz and co A CORONARY!!!**

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Christ, my dyslexia must be getting worse I thought it said "my medical massage" on 1st glance and my interest was piqued...

  • Hairtrigger

    The effing hypocrisy! The SOBs discourage couples from having children so that they could do more in the service of their Hobo and the GB.

    But the moment the opposite is to their advantage- real or imaginary- they want to get the most mileage out of it.

    I'm sure no one bothered with this guy till he got the rabbity award. Now its Hobos will. He is effing using this to his advantage. How the fcuk do they know this? They -on their own admission- are not inspired and have no way of knowing their imaginary gods will.So How do they arrive at this "living manifestation of Hobo's will" conclusion?

  • waton

    is the medal given to the man? reward for sticking around and not bolting, and let the state looking after it's future?

    JWs have a rich ancient history of having 12 and more offspring (not counting daughters of course). ancient patterns resumed? may be like 1975, wt will see a wave mounting and jump on the big family bandwagon? beats the h2h results, and big financial benefits.

  • OrphanCrow
    Think it would be safer to send it to the Governing Body, to be put in the glass case with the Telly awards.

    That is exactly where the Noviks' medals belong.

    The Russian JW family were awarded their honor and glory as a result of applying for the award, exactly the same way the org got their Telly award.

  • darkspilver

    The Russian JW family were awarded their honor and glory as a result of applying for the award, exactly the same way the org got their Telly award.

    Don't get bogged down with thinking that having to apply for an award is a bad thing 'in-its-self'

    Even the Oscars require that you apply, and fulfil a strict set of criteria - it is not automatic - films need to put forward specific people for each specific Oscar category.

    Of course the Oscars have a limited number of Awards to give out - unlike this Russian Family thing or the Telly Awards - but the principle in all is that you need to apply for the award

  • OrphanCrow

    Of course, darkspliver. But, I think it is equally important to not get bogged down in "Putin gave an award to a JW family!"

    It is important to not be of the impression that the family passively received this award. They didn't get a congratulations! letter in the mail and then have to face a decision as to whether to accept it or not based on their "christian conscience". That had already been addressed at the time the JW father picked up his pen and filled in the application form.

    The family chose to apply, the Russian authorities did not chose them...they chose them once the family entered into competition for the award and met the qualifications to receive it.

    It isn't like..."oh look at jehovah's hand in this!" It is more like...oh look! A Russian JW family applied for (and met the qualifications for) a medal and financial award from the Russian government.

  • darkspilver

    The family chose to apply, the Russian authorities did not chose them...they chose them once the family entered into competition for the award and met the qualifications to receive it.

    I wonder how many apply - and pass the number of children qualification, BUT NOT the other qualifications?

    It would have been very easy for the Russians to NOT have presented the Medal to the family, along with any number of families likewise refused.

    The Russians can tell the world (and the appeal court) - yes, we ban the religion, but we 'love' the people, their 'human rights' are not being hindered.

    The JWs can say what good parent's this JW family is because the are JWs and are good and shouldn't therefore be banned.

    They both know what they are doing and it's a game of brinkmanship.

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