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  • waton

    Was this kind of a lottery, where only the chosen few got the monetary reward? or an across (here is that word again) the board benefit for all fertile families? The Nazis gave to all over four families the Pour le Merit. (and now the later german government a thank you pension).

  • stuckinarut2

    The society is boasting about this award etc.

    But I can't wait for the time when many of these kids from that family leave "the truth" (because statistically they will). Will be so keen to report that??

    hmmm.... didn't think so.....

  • dbq407

    Very well written letter and valid points. Did you get any replies from the people you sent it to? I sure hope so!

  • wheelwithinwheel

    My inbox is very quiet. Not surprised. Too many things wrong with this medal event. Just not defendable.

    Rubbing this in is much more effective than arguing about erred or changing doctrine or a Bible verse.

    I realized this when the Bethel made the "Happy" video and the song's composer had recorded "Gush" on the same album. Put it out there to all the parents I knew who threw their kids disgusting albums in the trash when the org. went Nazi. They were quiet for that un-defendable GB internet antic too.

    The GB just keeps giving out more and more food for the 'mentally diseased'. Thank you GB!. Praying for you!

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