Do JW get counseled for buying a home?

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  • elderINewton

    The answer is "it depends" - if you buy something that is basic and "simple" expect nothing. If you buy property that people in the hall would think is over the top, its possible that something could be said. I was talked to about my cars, vacations, and houses. So it happens.

    Some COBE's have nothing but the rental property they live on, so they see anything past that as not keeping it simple.

  • DesirousOfChange

    If you buy property that people in the hall would think is over the top, its possible that something could be said.

    It's my understanding that what is being said about us is that, while they are all "keeping their eye simple", we are living in "our Paradise" now. But after Armageddon one of them will get to live in our big house.

    Good luck.


  • BluesBrother
    No..... Most of them own homes around here.....that is the U K
  • freemindfade

    Short answer, its not dogma, and you will never find such a thing in writing.

    That being said, I had received backhanded compliments from friends and family when i bought my first home 15 years ago or so. Guess i was showing my lack of faith Armageddon was coming any day.

    A lot of the JW nitpicky things come from a few things

    1. The area you live in (believe it or not there are vast differences based on geographic location)
    2. The congregation you belong to (this can even be within the same hall, you can have tow congregations with different "rules".
    3. The overall pressure created by the JW religion to be judgmental and an asshole. So people, and halls make up their own rules.
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I remember when buying a very modest home as a pioneer in the early seventies being criticised for taking on a mortgage. I was, it was said, dishonest since I would never pay it back. Armageddon was coming in three years.

    I was dumbfounded then as now, by the logic of this. The person who made this point went on to be a financial advisor selling life insurance policies and the like. I wonder ho dos conscience works with that one.

  • sowhatnow
    not at all, I know many elders that had taken years and loads of time and money, to build a house, and lots of people from my past, had owned businesses, sold real estate, own rentals. often its cheaper to own than to rent depending on where you live.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Depends a lot too on your locals. When you consider that some of the JWs quit their jobs, and sell their homes to pioneer they are the ones likely to criticize.

    Conversely, many Elder families live from average homes to a lap of luxury.

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