June 2017 Watchtower - Jehovah's Sovereignty is at stake if you disagree with us

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  • doubtfull1799

    Some core problems with that whole Watchtower as I see them:

    1. There is no reason why the issue should still be in existence, particularly the part about mans loyalty to God. If you take the Scientific principle of falsification, then you only need one example to prove a theory wrong. If Satan challenged that NO-ONE would worship God under test then one example, Job, was all that was needed to disprove that. Issue settled, lets move on! If we needed a perfect man, then Jesus proved it wrong. Issue done and dusted. Why another 2,000 years and thousands more cased needed? They are not.

    2. The whole concept of Sovereignty issue more important than personal salvation thing suggests God is a selfish being, more concerned with his own problems than his children's. If God truly lives by his own principles, such as "be more interested in serving the needs of others than your own" then surely it should be the other way around?

    3. They are claiming a divine appointment they have admitted they do not have. In the recent doctrinal changes it was stated that the F&DS do not receive their appointment over the Masters belongings until the Great Tribulation, a future event. So for the time being they have only been authorised to "feed" the household, they have not been authorised or appointed to "direct" the household. So they are acting presumptuously, the very sin they claim to hate, the most in asking us to obey this divine authority.

  • Finkelstein

    Jehovah's sovereignty was never the real concern of the leaders of the WTS., simply because they were more concerned of putting their own sovereign control of the organization ahead of Jehovah's.

    If they were they would have adhered closer to the teachings and instructions handed down by Jesus to preach the Gospel, instead they identified themselves as false prophets by the bible's own description..

  • waton
    it was stated that the F&DS do not receive their appointment over the Masters belongings until the Great Tribulation, a future event-- doubtful 799: and

    at that point they disappear, raptured to heaven. an anointed generation ending before the end.

  • sir82

    In WT-world, obedience to humans (well, the right humans) trumps love, righteousness, charity, generosity, kindness, and any other positive trait you can think of.

    Every time.

    Thus has it ever been, in WT-world.

    What little creativity is left in the hallowed halls of Bethel is dedicated to coming up with ever-so-slightly new ways to present that same basic kernel of doctrine.

  • kpop

    Yes I agree with tor1500 exactly what I was thinking. Also thank the OP for this great reading. I will share will all of my friends.

  • Vidiot

    "...Jehovah's sovereignty is at stake if you disagree with us..."

    Gosh, I had no idea God had such tenuous job security.

  • Finkelstein

    The GB members are the sovereign leaders of the devious and corrupt Watchtower Publishing house and as history has shown they don't like to be messed with.

    Even when your baptized in this religious organization you have to make a personal vow to faithfully uphold the direction of these leaders (GB) along with Jesus Christ.

  • sparrowdown

    Ha! Good one Vidiot.

    Jehovah actually has a lot of self-esteem issues which makes him very cranky and demanding at times. He's like a giant toddler-God in many ways.

  • smiddy

    Where is it in the New Testament , that says Christians followers of Jesus Christ, are to worship Jehovah God ?

    Name one scripture .? that explicitly states that ?

    Jesus Christ is the central figure in the Christian Greek Scriptures that christians are to honour and obey Phil .2:5-12

    Not Jehovah.a name a Spanish Catholic monk in the 13th century invented using his knowledge of the four hebrew letters , YHWH or JHVH denoting Gods name and using Adonai to come up with Jehovah.

    Even the Watchtower in the book Aid To Bible Understanding first edition acknowledged Yahweh would be the more accurate translation however because of popularism they settled on Jehovah.

    because the population in christendom would be more familiar with that name,

    However they have been saying for decades that christendom has been hiding Gods name from the public ?

    So which is it christendom has been hiding that mame of God ? or it is the most recognised name of God in christendom.?

    Another example of JW`s speaking out of both sides of their mouth.

  • DesirousOfChange
    Witnesses think they are God's PR/Rep. and they are to protect his name, because he told them.

    Well, they are doing a miserable job as a PR Rep. Only 1/1000th of the Earth's population has been saved, while God states that it is His will that ALL mankind be saved.

    God..........it's time you dumped WTS/JWs as your PR Reps.

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