June 2017 Watchtower - Jehovah's Sovereignty is at stake if you disagree with us

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  • Finkelstein

    Good catch Listener

    As its shown once again the GB members of the WTS talk through both corners of their mouths and do so strategically to circumvent and appeal to their own identifying power and control.

    The WTS publishing house is a long standing progression of lies and deceptions but I guess that's what they have to do to sustain themselves for their own sake and that of the organization.

  • Perry

    Sometimes it's helpful to take Watchtower writings and just delete all the "white noise" .

    So, below is the 2nd quote on the OPENING POST with just the number of times they equate themselves with Jehovah; all the garbage is left out. Wow! Seven times in one paragraph.

    1. theocratic headship

    2. Jehovah’s way of ruling

    3. divinely authorized headship

    4. Jehovah’s sovereignty.

    5. theocratic order

    6. Jehovah’s rulership

    7. God has our interests at heart.

    They are a far cry from scripture:

    But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

    Notice how they twist the scripture that says Christ is the head of every man, into: "Christ - head of the Christian Congregation". Slippery, deceptive little reprobates they are.

  • Finkelstein

    Self supporting propaganda has been an ongoing thing by the heads of the WTS since J Rutherford days (1919).

    Not surprising since they were given the freedom to create their own doctrines, why not self proclaim that god selectively had chosen them or him as the case may be to create validation to whatever they printed or published.

    The only true validation the WTS has created around itself to date is that has enacted as a commercialized fraud, selling a tainted and corrupt version of the Gospel, endeavored through the proliferation of literature the organization publishes.

  • Crazyguy

    They must be loosing a lot of members to try to condition people this way.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yes thanks Listener this is a meaty topic.

    After admitting that they are not inspired; the GB say that the vindication of Jehovah’s name is paramount. Firstly if the GB is not inspired and liable to make mistaken organisational directives................ why then listen to the JW governing body at all?

    Second, the idea that an omnipotent divinity needs to clear his name and show everyone he is sovereign and has the right to be ruler; smacks of human frailty. Why would an omnipotent being descend to vain human values of “I’ll show them who’s in charge?

    The idea that God needs to vindicate his name is ridiculous.

    It’s a lofty sounding slogan to appeal to the unthinking but it’s a distraction from the fact that the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses are not inspired and never will be. They have nothing to demonstrate any evidence of attracting divine attention, they have never got anything right throughout their whole history and virtually all of their doctrines are found elsewhere in other religions. The internationalism and internal cooperation can also be found elsewhere.

    They now want to propagate the expression "respect for theocratic order." They mean; continue going to the meetings. They know they have been wrong but they demand respect. They don't deserve it!

    Wakey wakey Jehovah's Witnesses!

  • waton

    it was supposed to be "what you have bound on Earth, will be bound in Heaven": so, if wt/ F&DS/GB proclaims as the end of the word, start of paradise, 1914, 1925, 1975, ~2075, it was supposed to happen, but what happened. ???

    The Creator is not going to have his reputation, sovereignty vindicated by wt works, obviously. so supporting them is not a god given duty, he did not support them either.

    The order: is Creator, husband, good wife, children. 1: Cor 11:3:--- no WT GB, no elders to be found there. to repeat:

    If God did not support the WT, why would you?

  • zeb

    Now what does the wt mean by ..."Strategic"..?

    I recall a 'special talk' of years ago where the speaker having his moment in the sun boomed out that "Universal sovereignty is .." is the big matter of today.

    Home loan rates had hit 18%.

    I know what was important to me.

  • WTWizard

    I don't even respect joke-hova's rulership. It is something that is being shoved down everyone's throat, whether they want it or not. And I am not going to support it by agreeing with everything from the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger. It is not sustainable for me to cut out secular work to do field circus from 5:30 in the morning until late evening, 7 days a week. Nor is it sustainable for me to not have any surplus funds. Things break, things come up, and I want to be prepared for it. And, if joke-hova can't tolerate that, then why would I want that thing ruling me?

    For those that still think joke-hova's rulership is valid, do you want to be enslaved? Do you want to get bar-coded, microchipped, and have everything you do on that chip? And if you disagree with your masters in even the slightest way, they can cut you off or even hunt you down and throw you in the gulags? Even falling short of your quota, even if said quota is unreasonably high, is a CRIME under that system. That is how joke-hova rules.


    Jehovah's Sovereignty is at stake if you disagree with us..

    That's because Watchtowers God Jehovah,is Fragile..


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  • blondie

    Only my existence is at stake per the WTS.

    Job, an imperfect man, proved Satan wrong per the WTS and

    Jesus, a perfect man, and previously an angel proved Satan wrong

    Yet Satan lives on for thousands of years while humans continue to suffer.

    I'm a Supernatural fan and I see god if there is one like Chuck............


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