If anybody tells you that the end is so close

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  • wannaexit

    Witnesses will have an answer to every reasonable objection. Blondie is correct in saying that in the past it was said that the buildings will survive the great A.

  • scratchme1010

    Ask them why the GB has spent millions of people hours buiding the new bethels in new york and london rather than them working door to door or on the trolleys

    They will always find a way to divert the attention, come back with some simplistic explanation or try to make it about you not having faith.

    It's a waste of time trying to reason with them based on doctrine. I prefer to attack their feelings. I ask them why are they obsessed (pay attention to the word I use) with the end of the world and "paradise" being near. I let them give me their entire spiel, stirring the conversation back to "what's in it for you" every time they try to convert me.

    Then I look for what makes them loyal to their belief. 99.9% of the times is NOT a teaching, a concept, nor a doctrine what makes the loyal; it's a feeling. That's what I address. That's what makes me get through them. In my experience giving them factual information and trying to have them learn it is a waste of time.

  • Vidiot
    wannaexit - "Witnesses will have an answer to every reasonable objection."


    Not necessarily good answers, but answers, nonetheless. :smirk:

  • Vidiot
    scratchme - "They... try to make it about you not having faith."

    Oh yeah...

    ...that'll persuade householders to read the literature and accept a Bible study.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    You know. . . . I'm not really hearing this so much any more. Yeah, some are salivating over Trump/King of the North/King of the South bullshit, but I more often hear people accepting that they might actually grow old and die "in this system."

    For instance: I was talking with a young witness woman (in her 40s) the other day. She and her husband are remodeling their home and were considering materials for the kitchen. She related to me that her JW father/elder advised her not to use a certain material "since it only lasts 20 or 30 years" and that "time goes fast." Her response to him was "You think I'm going to be around to care in 30 years?"

    So first it was interesting for the JW dad to even think you have to worry about how long your new kitchen will last with armageddon "right around the corner." Secondly, it was really interesting to hear someone in their 40s already resigned to the idea they would grow old and die rather than waltz right into "paradise" without ever facing death. These kind of attitudes were unheard of -- even kind of considered apostate -- just 10 + years ago.

    People are still "in" but their attitudes have changed dramatically.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    JW's will tell you that the new buildings in New York will be used after Armageddon, but my answer to that is:

    Every skyscraper, factory, office building, shopping mall, hotel, resort, house, apartment, condominium, cabin and tree house, will be available for use after Armageddon as well. If the end is so close, why not use the existing facilities and focus all those workers time and efforts on finding "sheep" instead ?

  • JWdaughter

    Hey, you think you can get a contractor to show up and remodel your kitchen AFTER the new system? Good luck with that. I'd totally get the granite if I were a jw

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has always looked toward the future to sustain its operations, this still holds true even today.

    Today's GB men and their wives are going retire in the Org., realistically most of these men don't have anything else to retire on.

    The End Times doctrines which the WTS propagated for over century now has been useful to draw attention to the literature the WTS published and in a sense created the self identification of being god's only chosen ones here on earth. FDSL

    Its been a long standing important core doctrine which the WTS self developed itself upon. So critical in importance that when it was realized that this generation has died off from the 1914 they quickly were pressed to create a new doctrine of overlapping generations, which isn't accurately displayed in the bible.

    All of this again was to support the suggestion that god has exclusively chosen them to profess bible truths and understanding.

    So who knows how long the WTS will stay in existence, they have the money now but will the organization retain a membership base in the long run is up to speculation.

  • sir82

    My standing offer for anyone (well, anyone wealthy) who thinks the end is "close":

    I will give you $XXXX in cash today, this instant (some large amount to maintain their lifestyle). All you need to do is sign a legally binding document that will transfer 100% of your current assets to me exactly 3 years from now. Your house, your car, your investments, everything.

    If "the end" is coming so soon, with my money you can quit work and pioneer until Armageddon starts. Armageddon is coming "soon", surely within 3 years, so you have nothing to lose, right? So how about it?

    Never had anyone accept the offer. Funny that.

  • Vidiot
    pepperheart - "If anybody tells you that the end is so close... ask them why the GB has spent millions building the new Bethels in New York and London..."

    They're "Tribulation Arks".

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