It Ain't Easy Being Green

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  • drwtsn32

    My eyes are burning! Please make it stop!!!

  • Gopher

    Two kids opened up a refrigerator and found rabbits resting contentedly inside.

    They were surprised, and screamed... "what are you rabbits doing in there???"

    They said...




    "We're only WESTING. Doesn't the sign on the outside say WESTING HOUSE?"

  • Loris

    Thanks Gopher and everyone for coming out to play. I don't get out much.

    I love the English language. It is so much fun to twist it into funnies.


  • arrowstar

    MAKE IT STOP!!!!


    Arrowstar of the pain in the head class

  • tinkerbell82

    Oh my god i LOVE the frog one! :P

  • Elsewhere


    A priest a rabbi and a minister walked into a bar..... You’d think they would have gone around it.

    OK... another one...

    A rabbi was walking down a path and in the distance he saw a bridge with an ugly troll guarding it. Just then he sees a cute little furry trib hop along the path and try to cross the bridge. As soon as the trib stepped on the bridge the troll ran over and kicked him off the bridge.

    The rabbi was shocked at how the troll treated the trib, so he hid and watched the troll on the bridge longer to see what would happen. Well soon enough, another little trib came hopping down the path, and again, as soon as he set foot on the bridge, the troll ran over and kicked him off into the water.

    Well the rabbi was very upset about this because he needed to cross that bridge. He got up his courage and headed down the path. When he got to the bridge he stopped and looked at the troll. The troll just stood there without saying a word. Then the rabbi asked the troll if he needed to pay a toll to get across the bridge. The troll just stood there. He wouldn't move or say a word

    The rabbi knew what was likely to happen if he tried to cross the bridge, but he still needed to cross it, so he slowly took a step onto the bridge... and the troll just stood there. Then the rabbi took another careful step... and the troll just stood there.

    The rabbi was confused by this, but gained more courage from his few steps... so he just started walking and getting further and further across the bridge. The troll just stood there.

    Once on the other side of the river the rabbi turned and asked the troll why he did not kick him off. He did, after all, kick all of the little tribs off the bridge.

    The troll smiled real big... "Silly rabbi, kicks are for tribs!"

    *** Running for cover ***

  • Uzzah

    For those that missed it the first few times, I proudly re-introduce

    Simon's bad joke thread.....

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