The sky is falling- maybe

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  • notsurewheretogo

    If everyone lives like a developed first world person then you need three earths to sustain the demand of resources.

    The worlds population is growing and getting faster and faster.

    The planet is getting raped of its resources...with more humans on it, more pollution etc it is no wonder there are strange natural events occurring.

    Cockroaches will rule the earth soon as they will be the only survivors. I pity the next few is just going to get worse.

  • shepherdless
    There have been something like 180 cases of arson...

    I saw that (or something similar) on Fox News’ website:

    Here is a link to an ABC (the national broadcaster in Australia) article today, debunking that claim:

    The article refers to the above claim and says the actual number of people charged is 24, and not all of those charged “...managed to spark large blazes”.

    Many fires were started by dry lightning, and that is not unusual in Aust, and for some reason common in my particular area. A fire near where I have property (burnt 40,000 hectares) was definitely lightning. There are other things that trigger bushfires as well, and whenever you have hot windy conditions over a large area, especially when everything is tinder dry from a long drought, something somewhere often starts a fire, whether sparks from a power line or transformer, vehicle exhaust in long grass, overheating bearings in agricultural machinery, etc.

    Of course it is not just Fox News giving false info. Progressive news sites have been just as bad, if not worse, with their garbage maps:

    It is annoying, because the truth is very bad, so why undermine it with falsehood and exaggeration.
  • LV101

    What Simon said ^^^^ - shepherdess, good points and I'll check out your links.

  • Simon
    how carbon dioxide is a green house gas

    Why don't you describe it as being a plant food that contributes to the increase in forestation and greenery happening?

    You haven't just been conditioned to trot-out phrases like "green-house gas" have you?

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