The sky is falling- maybe

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  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    I am actually not a 'sky is falling' guy, but I wanted to comment on the Australian bushfires.

    You may or may not believe the science behind global warming, however I personally put more faith in verified, scientific data than the words of fat cat, self-serving politicians.

    Climate science has predicted, based on data, that we will see more prolonged, extreme weather events, higher average temperatures, rising sea levels due to ocean expansion and glacial melting. And this is exactly whats happening. Every year in Australia, the record high temperatures beat the record set the year before.

    We haven't reached halfway through summer yet and the fires have been burning for weeks. I read an article that suggested that the fire is possibly the biggest forest fire to occur anywhere on earth- ever.

    As of now, an estimated half a billion (yes , billion with a B) animals have died. There is a possibly that the Koala population may not recover. Forests that may have never burned before, due to high moisture, like rainforests have burned. Forests that experts say are living links to Gondwanaland, the landmass that split to become nth and sth America and Antarctica have burned.

    So far, about 5 million hectares have been lost, around 1000 homes. The only reason more lives haven't been lost is because of early warning text messages, so, incredibly the death toll is low.

    As of today, the fires are still going and are expected to worsen again this weekend, when we once again, are expecting, what experts call ,'catastrophic fire conditions'.

    I didn't post this to start yet another debate about global warming, but just wanted to describe whats happening, and point out that it is unprecedented, and has occurred because of years of below average rainfall and ever rising average temperatures, not in isolated parts of the country, but over the entire country.

    If Australia is an example of what is to happen globally, then I can see that one of the biggest threats may be social breakdown. How many catastrophic years can the earth and human population handle? How many bad years can farmers handle before they go broke? We already have an epidemic of farmers committing suicide due to stress in Australia. There are towns that have run out of water. No amount of high-tech fertiliser will make your crop grow if it is being scorched day after day of temperatures exceeding 45C.

    If this starts happening in more places, there will be pressure on food and water supplies that could lead to social unrest. Everything is fine until you cant buy food, or it is rationed, or water becomes limited. If this can happen in a first world country, it can happen anywhere. Once the smoke clears, what will everyone think when they see that their house insurance premium has risen, due to all the payouts made to fire victims? A lot of cars have been burned too. How many businesses have been lost ?

    Then there are other health issues. Sydney and a lot of other towns and cities have been bathed in smoke pollution for weeks, the air quality is so bad it, it is off the charts.

    I guess my point is, the earth is getting warmer. Whether you believe in global warming, or more particularly, the causes of global warming doesn't make any difference once you personally start getting affected. I hope this is a rare event that never happens again but if it isn't, and this continues, then all of our lives will change.

  • JimmyYoung

    Climate change a huge scam

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Jimmy, come to Australia for your next holiday.

  • waton
    Climate change a huge scam

    JY. scam spelled backward is "macs" like in maxed out.

    G. Thunberg notwithstanding, all those nephes, aitbreathing souls, cars, planes, furnaces are bound to end up as fire breathing dragons. as peter said it is going to be by fire,

    with the sun as a expanding red giant, 5 billion years from now at the latest.

  • jonahstourguide

    Well joey jojo.

    Excellent post. The social issues will be a reality in the very near future.... Like now!?

    I live app 300 k's west of Bairnsdale and am looking at the sun through an orange smoke haze.

    Haven't seen that for 65 years.

    I'm wondering about the lack of preventative back-burning and fire-break management that the greenies seemed to object to.

    I dunno but its scary no matter what hym book you sing out of.


  • Spiral

    Joey Jojo, I agree. Everything is fine..... until suddenly it's not. It doesn't matter if you believe in global warming, climate change, or not, obviously, something significant is happening.

    History is full of events that are created by a combination of situations. Sometimes, these inconvenient events have caused people and animals to die.

    One would hope that in the "modern era" mankind could think logically and creatively and think of changes to be made to help things get better. If not, if mankind is too concerned with the status quo and selfishly making money, well, then, we might just go the way of all that unfortunate wildlife.

    The universe won't blink an eye, and things will go on. Mankind, even one whole planet, isn't really that important on a universal scale.

    I'm so sorry that's happening in Australia, I've been following the news and the events are just heartbreaking. I can see these are lifechanging events for all of you in Australia.

  • atomant

    climate change is a hoax through and through.There is no scientific evidence to back it.

  • Rivergang

    The most disappointing thing of all during this bushfire crisis is that many of these fires have been deliberately lit.

    That includes the one of a month ago in Brisbane's southwest that almost enveloped our house.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    'Joey Jojo, I agree. Everything is fine..... until suddenly it's not. It doesn't matter if you believe in global warming, climate change, or not, obviously, something significant is happening. '

    Thanks Spiral, that's pretty much all I am saying. I know my post probably sounds alarmist, I don't mean for it to be, but it seems every year we experience unprecedented, record breaking events. I wouldn't be surprised if these events bring pressure on the government.

  • atomant

    BTW joey the Australian bureau of meteorology have been fiddling with the figures for a while now.lf you do enough research on this matter you will find lm correct.Whilst your at it look into what is happening with australias water and where its disappearing to.

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