Relatives who work in Warwick are visiting

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  • TheWonderofYou

    Perhaps someone or something behind the visible organisation is directing all these horrible happenings. Even the GB doesnt know of it. They only do what they think they should do, following strict inspirations, fearing persecution from all sides. Following economic principles like in Nehemian spirit, building a new temple = new bethel (hebrew), listening to accountant spirits that work for a new world societies of financial wealth already sharing the shares and funds in worldwide hidden market places. Conspirants behind the curtain?

    While we struggle with the consequences of cut downs, new techniques and new assignements as well as doctrine questions, the clever ones have already invested in something we dont even know of.

  • truthlover

    When 75 came and went, we decided its time to start putting funds away for our later years, we got two good jobs with pension plans and had xtra monies placed in the plan over and above what was being deducted.

    I, at that, time was the driving force behind this as my mate had been brought up in the truth and saw no need to do this.. so here we are, 40 years later......

    Its so sad, that using God to fund their real estate and publishing empire, surely He has to be angry....

  • Diogenesister
    Get a load of Oubliette's surprise at the person sitting at the head of the table...123..WHOSE THE DADDY?!!

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