Relatives who work in Warwick are visiting

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  • cappytan

    So I have some relatives who work in Warwick visiting us this week. The visit has been largely drama free. They came between meeting days, so the subject of going to the meetings never came up.

    However, they have been talking about the "downsizing."

    My uncle says, "They need to. They're cutting dead weight. All the guys I see being sent home are dead weight. Worthless. They'll be more useful in the field. The ones staying are the hard workers."

    Just thought I'd throw this bit of "insider information" out there. ;)

  • Finkelstein

    So in other words the elderly or poorly educated toward modern technology .

    They are ones told they aren't needed anymore.

    Sadly you can expect many are going to have a hard life in their retirement since they had no retirement fund saved up for themselves.

    The WTS just wants the young and tech savvy to use in the WTS progression to inter-net information


    The GB men and their wifes on the other hand get to live on in comfort and privilege as they travel around the world treated like glorified celebrities ....... what a shame.

  • truthlover

    He used the term "dead weight" - those who have given their lives to the work!!! What a terrible description from one who is to be so loving and kind.

    Glean all the information you can... interesting

  • TheWonderofYou

    The "cutoffs" (elderly, uneducated, needy) were a deadweight to the GB, useless. Gratulation GB for this economic reasoning, that you disseminate within Christianity at Christmas time, While the living apostates are walking dead around we appreciate each Christmas to hear of your frosty heartlessness, so fullfilling Jesus prophesy about the EVIL SLAVE perfectly.

    Why did they not ask for the Obama care for the really needy in their organisation.?

  • Finkelstein

    What a terrible description from one who is to be so loving and kind

    Its not a put down directed to those particular people, he's making an honest observational put down to how the WTS.

    discards people after they've been strategically used and exploited.

    He's making a exsprsive jester of empathy and compassion to those unfortunate ones.

    Your deliberately spinning around the comment is obvious and disingenuous.

  • sir82
    What a fine upbuilding attitude. Makes me all goose-pimply, the warmth and love that exudes.
  • truthlover

    Sorry Cappytan but it is the way you said it--- "he says............ and I just took it as though your relatives was the one indicating the message. You did not mention the WTS in your message. All you say was "they need to..." from your relative.

    It's good they are empathetic - we have some bethelites coming here and they have nothing and are in their 60's....

    Sorry again

  • prologos

    TWoY: Why did they not ask for the Obama care for the really needy in their organisation.?

    Even Obamacare is relatively expensive compared to the Bismarkcare of 1883.

  • TheWonderofYou

    I think the insurances companies would have paid for those sis and bros who might not be usefull anymore, if there were any such policies for all bethelites signed at all, however living costs and appartments and lifelihood were too expensive. Further they like a narrow effective direct hierarchy with small royal bethel court.

  • Oubliette

    Well that's clearly not true. It WT HQ was really downsizing and getting rid of the dead-weight, they'd need to start with these seven losers:

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