Which one is the Anti-Christ wanna be?

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  • cofty
    The practical difference between a Jehovah's Witness and an Evangelical christian is trivial
  • nicolaou

    Delusional, blinkered and judgemental.

    Am I describing WireRider's brand of Christianity or the Watchtower's?

    Impossible to tell isn't it?

  • WireRider

    cofty - the difference between the Watchtower and Evangelical Christians is HUGE. The Trinity. Jesus Christ, The New Testament. Hate speech about Churches and Christians. Welcoming. Intrusive and unwelcomed. Giving/helping the community. Selfishly sucking up all the money and begging for more. Time sheets. Shunning. The threat, and reality, of destroying families as a BUISNESS practice. Half the people just afraid to leave the cult due to threats and consequences.

    No Evangelical has even been required to fill out a time sheet under threat of destroying their family.

    Where would you like to start??

  • cofty

    All trivial distinctions unless you live in an evangelical bubble.

    The trinity is not a biblical doctrine. If you had told Peter, James and Paul about the trinity dogma they would have asked you what sort of pagan Greek bullshit you were trying to peddle.

    The JW version of Jesus' resurrection and the Protestant version is not too different. Paul knew nothing about a bodily resurrection.

    What about the NT? Every one of the translations you don't like can be justified. Most western protestants use the NIT which a piece of garbage.

    Cultish behaviour is not binary it is a spectrum and many evangelical protestants are very firmly on the cult spectrum.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "Your Arius was kicked out unilaterally. He was banished and his works to be burned - Charles Russell plagiarized his works."

    If Arius's works were burned how would Charles Russell be able to plagiarize them?

    Ray Franz said, in one of his books I believe, that one should not be dogmatic about doctrine.

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