Which one is the Anti-Christ wanna be?

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  • WireRider

    Which one really thinks he is promised to be in charge of a "Kingdom".for an "overlord"? Please tell me - I have questions.

    I am crossing the entirely of unsanctioned/unauthorized/all Kingdom Hall entirely of my list. It;s a narcissistic marketing plan.

    Who thinks/claims that they are in control - for some reason that might even happen?

    Who had a chat with God to say the WT will be in charge? Ever? Ever?

    I have to look at the Great Deceiver who will not ever allow people to go to a Church or participate in Christianity. Those that claim Catholics and Protestants for "doing it wrong" as some sort of reason to shun them entirely.

    That is the Watchtower. I will never believe that is real - but they do. Anti-Christ wanna-bees. They believe it.

    World wide armies - worldwide deception. Praying on the weak. And stupid people keep giving them money.

  • leaving_quietly

    I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. Some of the sentences don't make sense. But, one, in particular did, and it's a question I've wondered.

    Who had a chat with God to say the WT will be in charge? Ever? Ever?

    Russell claimed to be God's mouthpiece (w1906 7/15 p.229, as cited in Proclaimer's book, p. 143). Thinking on this, how can one be a mouthpiece for anyone without ever having heard what to say? At least with prophets like Isaiah or Jeremiah or other ones, the scriptures record that God told them to say what they said. But even Russell in that 1906 article claimed he didn't get any special revelations, visions, dreams, audible voice, etc. So, how did he get it? In his own words (source, http://www.youblisher.com/p/98284-Watchtower-year-1906/)

    People should have known then that he was not to be followed. Luke 21:8: "He said: “Look out that you are not misled, for many will come on the basis of my name, saying, ‘I am he,’ and, ‘The due time is near.’ Do not go after them."

  • nicolaou

    What the actual bloody hell are you going on about?

  • Finkelstein

    In short WireRider you just explained in the OP the inherent corruption which founded this religious publishing house., men wanting power, control and money to continuously support these personal appealing desires and endeavors.

    That's Freedom of Religion in America folks take it or leave it.

    One could descriptively say the WTS/JWS was the anti Christ for its deceptions, lies and its proclaimed image in its proclamation as....God's solemnly chosen organization

    People who got involved into this deception cant completely be to blame, they were after all exploited for their own ignorance ,emotions and insecurities.

  • Crazyguy
    Are you meaning the man of lawlessness?
  • WireRider

    I fully believe in Freedom of Religion in America. I believe in free speech. Everyone's right to believe and express their beliefs. But ... in America we also have laws against fraud. False claims of tax-exempt status.

    The Watchtower has demonstrated that it has no overall benefit for the greater good. In fact the Watchtower is a blight on society. Tax money goes to support local services like schools, police, fireman, ambulance - for which the Watchtower believes that it is not obligated to pay for all the benefits they receive for themselves and their congregations. They bask in the comfort of their surroundings and arrogantly refuse to contribute anything. The surrounding community is FORCED by the Watchtower to pay taxes for these services for them. It is a blight on society - provide nothing to the community, and suck up local resources.

    They Watchtower is clearly a for-prophet company.

    As to Freedom of Religion I would also ask why the Watchtower claims to be Christians? They are not. They are followers of Arius - banned 2000 years ago by Christians and Rome. And still they rail against Catholic and Protestant religions. Most Watchtower people don't even understand that they are part of a religion that was banned unilaterally banned by Christians 2000 years ago. Yet they all use the Catholic assembled New Testament every day - and every day hate the Catholics. Going into a real Christian Church is considered a disfellowship offense. Why do they teach (brainwash) that?

    My question about Anti-Christ is about who forbids people from attending Christian churches and Christian holidays? What church bashes other churches? The Watchtower has no tolerance for Freedom of Religion. The Anti-Christ has two roles - a) create a world wide network and following b) convert people away from God and keep them away from Christian churches and fellowship celebrating God during holidays. c) keep them away from any other governing body or opinions. Sound familiar? They suck at it. 0.01% ? But they believe in a pact with the Anti-Christ to be his mouth-piece and be the rulers of the "Kingdom".

    I would have more respect if the Watchtower just came out with their own faith and book. Instead they plagiarize the Christian Bible with many changes to suit their fraud. It wasn't crafted or edit to form a religion - ALL changes to the "New World Testament" have been made reactively to defend and cover their ass about fraud statements.

    Of course, every time they print a revised version EVERYONE is forced to buy one, at any cost, from the WT/Publishing company. Cha ching. The Internet and free sharing of information, has already, and will KILL the publishing business.

  • nicolaou

    WireRider you've been called on your myopia more than once. What is this overriding need you have to deny that Jehovah's Witnesses are Christian? Most (not all) of the flaws you rightly point out in the Watchtower exist in every denomination of Christendom.

    All of Christianity is a fraud, not just the Watchtower but you refuse to even consider that.

    I suspect you're cleverly trying to evangelise, you've admitted no connection with the cult which immediately distances you from the group and, more worryingly, you've claimed that you are or were a pastor.

    My alarm bells are ringing WireRider . .

  • WireRider

    Youtube summary of why the WT/JW are not Christians A practical statement. I deny the Watchtower's tax exempt shelter of the Jehovah Witness are Christian at all. It is for prophet entity. They are more Jewish than Christian. The entire New Testament is devoted to the Trinity - by design by a counsel. Your Arius was kicked out unilaterally. He was banished and his works to be burned - Charles Russell plagiarized his works.

    Jehovah isn't even a real word. In what language to you go from YHWH to Jehovah? If you read about the etymology of the word - it mean god AND prankster or deceitful one.

    JW.org - "It is spelled יהוה (YHWH) in Hebrew letters. In English, the common rendering of that name is “Jehovah.”" NO IT IS NOT. Is the entire religion built upon a little isolated WT slang? Cough, cough, bullshit.

    It was a grossly mistaken translation by a south american monk that he later recanted and apologized for. Russell picked up fragments of Arius, banished from Christianity, and a known mistranslated name of YHWH. Frankly YHWH cannot be translated - the best they can do is to spell it phonetically so it can be pronounced. Yahwey. Where does Jehovah come from?

    Let's not forget the very specific declarations that the world would end on a certain day/year 12 times. Guess what? Still here. If you believe in the Bible, which they claim to, it is very specific, many times, about false prophets that claim to speak for God. "If what they claim to speak for God, and those things do not happen, they must die" Revelations tells us false prophets will be cast into the lake of fire. The Watchtower has built a business on "false prophets" for profit. All the Watchtower people and their tax shelter the Jehovah Witness followers will be cast into the lake of fire.

    They real dichotomy is why Watchtower cherry picks versus from a Bible they preach is very wrong. And rails against the the very Catholics that assembled the book in very specific ways that you hold in your hands. The

    All Churches are not the same. Religion my be speculative and up to the individual. In my area Churches are tax exempt, but they also contribute a lot to the community. They do fund missionarys to foreign lands, but they also have building project in the community. With a few neighboring Churches they have a rotating homeless shelter and food for the homeless. No matter who they are. Does the Watchtower contribute anything to the resources they suck up?

    And, yes. I was ordained by a real Christian Church. Not my focus, but a part of me.

  • Finkelstein

    So what your saying then is that the JWS should have its tax exempt withdrawn because you don't accept its doctrines of faith ?

    I see where your coming from and I subjectively agree. The JWs do nothing as charity work in the community to where they operate and practice..

    The Watchtower publishing house is more of an religious publishing company that fronts itself as practicing non profit charity religion. Kingdom Halls are more indoctrination training centers established for the WTS.

  • WireRider

    Of course I want their tax exempt status revoked. All communities have to pay extra to cover their community services. Is that fair? They do nothing positive for the communities they are in. They are a blight, a plague, on community services where ever they go. Christian Churches get involved with the community, building projects for people that can't, feed those that need, and even shelter homeless as they can. Help ALL people. The Watchtower suck up community resources and takes all money for themselves.

    More over, the Watchtower is not a religion. I don't accept their doctrine as it is seriously misguided and manipulated intentionally. When questions come up - they just re-write the Bible to fit their needs. It's no longer a Bible. It was never meant to be an employee handbook. What Christian religion requires time sheets?

    If your cherry pick verses from only 10% of the Bible you can make it sound like anything you want.

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