April 2017 Study Watchtower encourages you to defy The Society !

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  • tepidpoultry

    Makes me think of another WT account

    (I used to like reading them, they'd really make you scratch your head at times :)

    This brother was doing "the work" covertly in Europe during WWII

    He was rather successful in this

    He would report to a Branch and on one occasion the Branch told him to

    preach out in the open

    He said to himself (maybe to them) that this is NOT a good idea but

    He too was obedient "to Jehovah"

    He was immediately arrested and thrown into prison for years,

    So the message here is what?

    I guess: Be obedient to Jehovah and you will be blessed?

    Really strengthened my faith (sarcasm)



  • steve2

    "The only sense in which it makes sense to say he "waited on Jehovah" is that he didn't say, "to hell with JWs if they treat me like this just for getting married" and leave JWs altogether. He is being commended for accepting being treated like dirt for no good reason and simply waiting it out. "

    I hadn't thought of that - but, upon reflection, this seems right. He tolerated "unscriptural" treatment by JW organization's official leaders.

    Of course, JW organization would only apply this type of "stay no matter what reasoning" to its own rank and file.

    By contrast, it would urge the rank and file of every other religious group on the face of the earth to scrutinize the claims and the conduct of their leaders and on the basis of their findings (that religious leaders are hypocrites who apply double standards), serve notice and leave.

    There'd be no waiting on the God of the Bible in those cases.

  • sir82

    Every once in a while something like this slips into an article.

    It makes me think there are still some "awake" members of the writing committee who are skilled at planting subtle "subversive" messages.

  • sparky1

    "His loyalty to Jehovah was rewarded." - WATCH TOWER article.

    What was his reward? He got his old job back! He received no REWARD but he did obtain justice. This is just one more example of the misuse of language that Watch Tower writers use in order to make things appear different from what they really are.

    REWARD: "something that is given in return for good or evil done or received or that is offered or given for some service or attainment". - Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

  • undercover

    I don't need any help from a Watchtower magazine to defy the WTBTS, thank you very much. I'm quite capable of defying them on my own

  • undercover

    duplicate post... move along, nothing to see here..

  • JWdaughter

    Nowadays whenever I see the "WT", i mentally add the F. Because really, that is what most of that stuff is.

  • Perry

    I'm not sure there is any real change here. The message still seems the same:

    Even if you see us doing something unscriptural, (even if you are sidelined) stick with us until we get around to changing it.

    This was the same message I received 20 years ago when I started questioning. Doctrine: "The standard is not the Bible, we are."

    Same 'ole idolatry.

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