April 2017 Study Watchtower encourages you to defy The Society !

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    Hey tepidpoultry

    that's next Sunday at the Holy Trinity in Dalston, London - Sunday 5 February 2017 - annual service in honor of Grimaldi

  • tepidpoultry

    Before that the conngregations voted people out such as the Canadian

    Branch Manager in 1937


  • tepidpoultry


    I'll be there with bells (on my toes) on!!


  • Finkelstein

    The article "The Judge of All The Earth Always Does What Is right"

    and when it comes to sustaining and building up are own power and control we will take all necessary measures, including punishing those that do not support are directives.

    We have the power of god's holy spirit to make judgment to all mankind.

    Power and privilege for all it's lustrous glory ........ amen

  • smiddy

    Jehovahs Witnesses speak out of both sides of their mouth !

    They have a scripture for this alternatively they have a scripture for that .

    They have a Watchtower that covers that subject only to find their is an alternative Watchtower that contradicts the previous article or vice versa.

  • WTWizard

    They have a new tool today. If the hounders don't like the idea of you getting married and you do it anyways, they can call it "brazen conduct". You would not get in trouble for marrying. However, you would get disfellowshipped for brazen conduct, which is a catch-all for anything that is not in washtowel littera-trash or in the LIE-ble but the hounders do not like it.

    Another tool is stumbling. You know, that person that is always in your business and is there to take away all the fun. You marry, they are stumbled. There is a scripture about that--Paul indicated that it is better to not exercise your "rights" if just one person is offended in any way. So, this "offended" one squeaks to the hounders, and claims to be stumbled by your marriage. Then, the hounders inform you that you would be stumbling someone by marrying. If the hounders resist, this scumbag squeaks louder until they are forced to deny your marriage. You could then be "marked", or even taken in for "brazen conduct".

  • tor1500


    What I take out of this Watchtower which most won't see it is that how he was treated, because of marrying...how the society treated him...now the average JW will read that and not be moved but the ones that never thought the society would treat people like that, oh yes they heard about it but always thought that was apostate talk the society would never do that....there are those that will read it as it wasn't the society that took away his privi's but the friends...but if they really look at the situation they'll see it was the society that took away his privi's ...& that they did that simply because he wanted to get married...not a sin, but what God encourages folks to do instead of living together...

    If you really keep up with the literature, you will see slight changes....there was a time JW's didn't smile, now look at the publ. One WT talked about a sister a pioneer I think & she was in another country at the airport on her way home...she spent all her money but the plane was canceled until the next day, what could she do, with no money where could she stay (Now I won't mention that happens a lot and many folks just sleep in the airport until the next day, also because their plane was cancelled and many are young so they have no money to stay somewhere overnight....most likely just enough money for the trip, no extra) anyway back to the story. A classmate of the sister saw her at the airport and asked what she was doing there...blah blah blah...so she told him her story and his family took her in for the night so she wouldn't have to stay overnight at the airport...so what's this story...So called worldly people are not bad....first of all, they were strangers..maybe not the classmate but his family was...but she trusted them and went to their home..& they say watch your association.

    Another one is praying for others... we know how the JW's feel about that....well, one of the midweek meetings, a question was asked does Jehovah want us to pray for others...sure enough YES..and they backed it up with scripture...

    I'm not sure where the society is headed...but the old regime is dying...the young folks are coming...just listen to their comments...they get to the point..they don't flower up their comments...even their demonstrations are different in the school. I remember one sister developed her part to say they were going to a get together and they will be playing bible games...so she was helping the householder with some scriptures...it was so original...the brother gave her counsel. But after I said you did well and I loved your setting...she loved it too and so did the friends...but it was out of the box...she said she didn't want to do a demo with same ole Debbie Downer situation. The sister said, all the demos she had seen is folks depressed and feeling bad and all we do is try to encourage them..she said not everybody is depressed or broken hearted that comes in the truth....I said I agree, because her and I have a similar personality...happy and positive...we are human...But I said, look around what do you see...she said a bunch of depressed folks who pretend they are happy, I said, bingo...Most folks that come into the truth are depressed in some way, had something terrible happen to them...or born in ....when you talk to many of the friends they will tell you this story of how they came to the truth & it's never happy...They never tell a story of someone coming to the truth who is well adjusted to society, it's mostly societies misfits who need to belong...and I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but what the society is saying...only the depressed and broken hearted (add crazy too) are attracted to the truth.

    I think that all this ARC stuff is going to finally show....& they are trying to show a different religion...a warmer nicer religion and show the world see we make mistakes but we correct them...people are not going to think that at all.. they are going to take away from it what we did...THE SOCIETY WAS THE BAD GUY...

    I can't wait to be at the hall for this wt....my congregation, when something like this happens, there aren't a lot of comments...their necks go stiff...I watch their body language....it's really something to see...They will read it but they ain't swallowing it....

    Stay tuned ....I think we may see more of this...there will be die hards that won't think a thing of it....but others who are there just for the social part and not for the doctrine, they'll see it and say, yep that's the way they do things...but I'm having fun....& I belong somewhere & I'm needed and I fit...so who cares if they flip flop or try to run you life...I'm ok.


  • steve2

    What a strange and contradictory article. Fact is, he DID take matters into his own hands - he did not wait upon "Jehovah" to put the organization right: He married the sister!

    A reverse example of the very point the Watchtower writers are trying to get across. 😗

  • slimboyfat

    The only sense in which it makes sense to say he "waited on Jehovah" is that he didn't say, "to hell with JWs if they treat me like this just for getting married" and leave JWs altogether. He is being commended for accepting being treated like dirt for no good reason and simply waiting it out. The message to JWs today is that they need to accept being treated like dirt by the organisation for no good reason from time to time. This demonstrates loyalty and a proper attitude of waiting on Jehovah.

  • Daniel1555


    I think Willi Diehl compares his situation with how someone disfellowshipped (later) is treated. He just wanted to bring the point across that they were treated as outcasts and some brothers didn't speak to them for being married.

    I knew him personally. It was a very loving brother.

    However he was loyal to the organisation for his whole life and I think died at Bethel with more about a 100 years old.

    So he probably didn't go further in his critical thinking skills.

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