Appointed men must be exemplary in heeding the warnings given by the faithful slave Governing Body when it comes to higher education.

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  • no-zombie

    While this information is not new, is this new post based on a very recent CO visit or not? The reason why I ask is this. The talks given during a CO visit today have been revises so that the only ones presented are scripted from the Organization. So unless this is an old video or this CO is just talking out of his bum, it would appear to be another push by the GB. Can 'oppostate' confirm the video's age?

  • wannaexit

    This is about 5 years old. The CO is obviously burping it back up.

  • Mum

    I was married to an elder and decided to go back to college. I got the money from my "worldly" family. We had a fight about it every day, but it was worth it.


    What went into BOE's is not often exactly how interpretations of matters are made in Elders Schools ! So according to the Elders who returned from an Elders school in 2010 where this was discussed it was "interpreted" that any household head who allowed any higher edumacation was not to be considered even though the letter - very ambiguously stated that if he promoted 'marketed" Higher Ed he was to be dealt with etc etc

  • Heartsafire

    Demented, patronizing load of bulls--t this is! Without educated JW engineers and physicians how the heck do they expect to properly construct and maintain their new compound? And what of those bros that already have their higher education? Are they to be looked down on as somehow "less spiritual"? Absolute malarkey to keep people as dumb and ignorant as possible.

    I guess their sheeple will follow blindly, and when the big A doesn't strike in a few more decades it will be too late for them to have any sort of retirement or decent quality of life for that matter. I almost feel sorry for them...wait no, no I do not.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The JW cult feeds on ignorance and teaches ignorance. What goes in comes out.

  • zeb

    education eh? Take a good look at the shabby, disrespectful blundering performance of the elders facing the ARC and see an absence of education.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    JWs, including elders with college-age kids, are generally adept at side-stepping such boneheaded advice by employing "benign neglect"

  • eyeuse2badub

    Makes me wonder what the gb think of higher education when they need medical treatment of legal advice. "Oh thank jehober that the doctor saved my life! Thank jehober that we won that court decision"! Praise jah!

    Makes me wonder if the gb or any other high ranking jw ever needed to receive 'blood fractions' to save their holy lives; where would the blood fractions come from? Would jehober provide, or would some 'worldly person' donate whole blood?

    Hypocrites to the max!

    just saying!



    Maybe the WTBTS wouldn't have needed to hire Monica Applewhite if they allowed higher education??

    Tomo, you might want to think about this....


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