One aspect of the Bible I still greatly benefit from

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  • EverApostate
    This is how I arrived at it. Bible defines God as the servant of His children because He makes provisions for the enjoyment of life in abundance (Mathew 5:44-47) and ‘renews’ them if need arises

    Suffering starts the moment a child is born, and may be even before that. Until modern medicine were invented, survival was a daily struggle, with the Unknown diseases, germs, viruses and so on. Life span was hardly 40, a few centuries before

    Evil (as we perceive it), is even present in the animal Kingdom. Members of the same species violently attack and kill their own species, either for territory, food or for a mating partner.

    Every species is built up of intrinsic Organs that even if one fails or malfuntions, life would be hell.

    With the above facts, and presuming that God created us,I would disagree that “He makes provisions for the enjoyment of life in abundance

  • waton
    I enjoy my cooking--something I do like worship as it reminds me of God.

    somehow that fits with a certain creator picture, cooking up stuff in the kitchen, from existing ingredients, with an energetic fire. come what may.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Earth can be bad for your health too. On land, grizzly bears want to maul you; in the oceans, sharks want to eat you. Snowdrifts can freeze you, deserts dehydrate you, earthquakes bury you, volcanoes incinerate you. Viruses can infect you, parasites suck your vital fluids, cancers take over your body, congenital diseases force an early death. And even if you have the good luck to be healthy, a swarm of locusts could devour your crops, a tsunami could wash away your family, or a hurricane could blow apart your town.
    So the universe wants to kill us all.
    Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • amiable atheist
    amiable atheist

    @ Irenaeus - Your cherry picking exercise gets a "cute" for naïveté.

  • Ireneus

    Ever apostate,

    What you said is the proof that the world that was new has become old, calling for its renewal. A decayed fruit conveys the same truth: it was good to start with. Just like charitable institutions such as hospitals now have become money-making machine.

  • steve2

    It takes an equal mix of gullibility and narcissism to believe there is a “God” who loves and watches over you. It takes a narrow band of self-blindness and imaginative “public relations” to then argue a case for that “loving God.

  • GoneAwol

    Which “god” is it? Take your pick. Define him/her/it. Then you can wax lyrical about how great “it” is.


  • Crazyguy

    I do love the part where Moses tells the Jews to kill every other Canaanite and then take their little girls as sex salves, yummy just yummy. Every time I think about it , it just turns me on!

  • Order

    The Anti-Theism in this topic is jaw dropping.

  • cofty


    I notice from one of your previous posts that you have resorted to the old canard that a bad experience in the cult has turned many exJWs away from religion.

    This is not true for many.

    As a born-in it took a lot of intellectual honesty and courage to get out of the cult. If you continue to apply those skills and qualities to all faith-based beliefs you will probably end up in atheism.

    It is an intellectual position not an emotional one.

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