One aspect of the Bible I still greatly benefit from

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  • Ireneus

    Though many things in the Bible do not make sense to me, there is something in it that makes my life easy.

    This is how I arrived at it. Bible defines God as the servant of His children because He makes provisions for the enjoyment of life in abundance (Mathew 5:44-47) and ‘renews’ them if need arises (Mathew 19:28) with no intervention whatsoever in between which means He is not interested in gratitude/worship from His children. Yet history shows that people forget Him in happiness and remember Him only in distress which means He is not given love (though He is the giver of love), and He is not bothered of it. In other words, He is the symbol of acceptance rather than expectation.

    This is my experience:

    In acceptance, I make life (mine and of others) a heaven.

    In expectation, I make life (mine and of others) a hell.

  • cofty
    He makes provisions for the enjoyment of life in abundance

    Except that he doesn't.

    Vacuous platitudes.

  • steve2

    Just wondering, Ireneus, are you talking about the God of the Bible who drowned men, women and children in the Flood and who enjoined his people to invade a land that was not theirs but claim it as His chosen people and then slaughter every single living inhabitant, including men and women and children and babies? And whose “Book” ends with the blood-lusting symbol-fest called Revelation?

  • Ireneus


    Those accounts are from the imagination of Bible writers. Noah’s flood was invented to provide a basis for eating non-vegetarian food. If a global flood destroyed all agricultural crops, then the next option is to start eating the flesh of the animals which is in contrast to the command given in Genesis 1:29, 30. Change into non-vegetarian diet was presented as though coming from God.

    Yet insightful ones can discern the truth. See what prophet Isaiah says: “Killing a bull is equal to killing a human being.” (Isaiah 66:3) This shows Prophet Isaiah is not aware of Noah’s account, nor of nation of Israel being authorized to kill fellow human beings (which means they are all fabrications)

  • Ireneus


    Provisions for life’s enjoyment are real, and we are sustained by them. When I cook my food in the kitchen, I know how much care I have to show with regard to the fine-tuning of the ingredients and stopping the flame at the right time before it turns black into carbon. … etc. Every time I cook, I know the greater care God took in providing us with what sustains us. You can believe that nature provided it. But I believe God provided it—a thought that helps me to use them only for my need, not for my greed.

    But that is a different subject. My subject is about acceptance, rather than expectation.

  • 2+2=5

    Every time someone dies of starvation, I know the great care God takes in denying their food. You can believe that nature hasn’t provided, but I believe God is a nasty prick who provides for you while denying others.

  • stillin

    It's good to be grateful for life's pleasantries. It's good to remember that you are fortunate to have some, but why do not so many other people who are just as acceptable to God as you are?

    I share the idea that something greater than a human being is "out there." But, for the life of me, I can't figure out what the deal is.

  • waton
    He makes provisions for the enjoyment of life in abundance Ireneus
    Whenever I hear those words, what follows is often an invitation to share that abundance

    How good a cook are you? cook, not crook!
  • Ireneus


    Here is the answer for you:

    World's eight richest people have same wealth as poorest 50%

    Why do some create huge mountains of wealth creating privations on the other side of the planet? Doesn't remind of the proverb: Dog in the manger?

  • Ireneus


    I enjoy my cooking--something I do like worship as it reminds me of God. Also it is an art.

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