Doubling up on Circuit Overseers for Apostahunts?

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  • Wakanda

    In my area I know of four congregations dissolved in one circuit, so that leaves eight weeks a year empty for that Circuit Overseer's calendar. Dissolving congregations is happening more than in my area, so I believe we can assume other C.O.s have open time. It appears that C.O.s are visiting with a companion C.O. more often than in the past. It is happening in my area, and in this video there were two C.O.s visiting this congregation that was under the threat of apostasy, if I understand it correctly:

    ps: This is a man documenting on youtube his asking questions of the elders, getting a local needs about him, C.O. talking about reporting apostasy in a talk, his JC meeting, etc.

    My thought is they are doubling down to:

    1. Keep those C.O.s busy gosh darn it!

    2. The first priority is any congregation that has whispers of apostasy is first on the list to double down.

    3. I assume next C.O. round, Sept 2018 they will combine circuits and "reassign" C.O.s (let the reader use discernment: lay off!)

    4. It is also a way to keep watch on C.O.s and have them snitch on each other since they don't have their visit with the D.O. anymore.

    I know many of you couldn't give a flying fig, but if you do: What do you think?

  • Londo111

    Congregations are mostly being dissolved to re-org, consolidate Kingdom Halls, and sell any excess with proceeds going to Watchtower.

  • freddo

    In the old days CO's would occasionally - once or twice a year - have DO's come with them to "shepherd them" and observe etc.

    Nowadays "a more experienced CO" does the riding shotgun thing from time to time. They sometimes go in on the more difficult congo's, but often it's just a scheduled thing.

  • sir82

    We once had a CO and DO (back in the day) visit due to issue in the BOE. I think they intended that the presence of 2 "heavies" would be intimidating.

    So yeah, if the WTS suspects there is "trouble", they will send in 2 (maybe even more if serious enough) guys to sort it out.

  • steve2

    Marvellous contraction is taking place.

  • ttdtt


    Remeber - Contraction is really Amazing Expansion & Growth!

    Jehober is blessing the org!

  • stuckinarut2

    I don't understand the point of that embedded video?

    Did I miss something?

  • Wakanda

    I just put the video up because it is entitled Second Circuit Overseer. Sorry I didn't explain better. I put it up as an example of two C.O.s visiting a congregation dealing with someone who is asking questions (apostate).

  • smiddy

    Any Jehovahs Witness worth his salt knows you cant ask questions about the organisation ,Elders,the GB ,doctrines,or anything else related to the JW organization including JW.Org

    To do so will incur the wrath of the powers that be in the organisation.

    And you will be history.

  • Phoebe

    This video is one of witness nomore on youtube.

    I've been following him. He's in the north of England. He tried to ask questions and he secretly taped all his conversations with them. They are quite interesting. They even called the cops on him at the meeting.

    He has been disfellowshipped now. He's a really nice guy. He just wanted some answers.

    Interestingly, during his appeal, when he was sent out of the room, one elder said to the other 'well, that didn't take 10 minutes, did it?' As if they just wanted to swan in, uphold the disfellowshipping and be out of there in 10 minutes. He even heard an elder say they should do what the C.O said and 'purge' the congregation.

    He bravely recorded everything so we could hear what went on in his J.C. and when he tried to talk to elders.

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