Using history as a means to pinpoint possible future events.

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  • waton
    Die Glocke. This was a device that could levitate when powered on. When WWII came to a close the project wat???

    Das Glockenspiel ha ha.

  • sir82

    Yee-ha - Hitler survived in Argentina and aliens guiding humanity in the same post.

    Pass some of that controlled substance over this way, man.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    And he's an active witness. Interesting.

  • steve2

    I love that people feel free to come on here, announce their barely contained contempt for other posters (e.g., 'a lot of negative people on here', "I'm not interested in debate", etc) spit out their long-winded opinion piece, and take exception to other posters' alternative views, and announce their departure ( e.g., "This will be my last post"). Talk about having a flare for drama.

    However, upon reflection that sounds so typically JW-ish: alienate the very audience he would like to consider his message.

    He could do better by speaking respectfully to the audience on this forum and tempering just a little his off-putting pomposity.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    "Gene Roddenberry the creator of the Star Trek series talked to these other worldly beings through spiritistic means and got some of his ideas that he would later use in Star Trek. They identified themselves as the council of nine or the Ennead of ancient Egypt" - (un-?)hs

    What has to happen to someone in order for them to actually believe this silliness? Still, for entertainment value, these few posts of unHealthySkeptic have been interesting.

  • Moster

    Die Glocke

    former aerospace scientist David Myhra express skepticism that such a device existed

    pure conjecture from HS

  • Moster

    Perhaps HS is really GT:

  • LoveUniHateExams

    As a side note America was not named after Amerigo Vespucci. The Incas called the land Amaruca - I heard Stephen Fry on QI say that America was named after a Welsh cartographer whose surname was ap Merrick - and therefore America means 'land of ap Merrick'.

  • sparrowdown

    Well this was a bit of welcome comic relief lol.

  • steve2

    Lately, I've thought about this "active witness" thing a lot. Sounds scary.

    Image result for active volcanoes in nz

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