Using history as a means to pinpoint possible future events.

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  • Onager

    Hi HealthySkeptic,

    Just addressing your topic "Using history as a means to pinpoint possible future events":

    Have you read the second epilogue of Tolstoy's War and Peace? In it he expounds on his theory of the tides of history and how it's the infinite minutiae that dictate it's future course. That idea runs through the whole book actually, which is well worth a read, I can't recommend it highly enough.

    Have you also considered the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov? These books explore the idea of predicting the future by examining the past and then going on to try and manipulate it.

  • cofty
    I know there's a lot of negative people on here. I'm not here for them or to waste their time and my time in pointless, endless debates

    In other words you have a huge amount of disconnected ideas that you have developed in an intellectual bubble and you won't tolerate any challenges to your pet theory.

    This is not the way develop your knowledge and critical thinking skills.

    By the way you have joined a discussion forum not a blog. Expect to be challenged - welcome it and see if your ideas hold up to scrutiny.

  • HealthySkeptic

    Thank you Onager,

    I will certainly look into what you have mentioned.

  • Bobcat

    Hi HS,

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you attempt to tie things/history together. This is an intriguing thread title you chose.

    Hebrews 1:2; 11:3 & Romans 13:1 all suggest that human history has in some way been orchestrated or managed by God. So, in theory at least, one might be able to observe a pattern and/or some sort of organization to how history has played out so far, with an eye towards the future. But getting the right perspective or point of view so that it all comes into focus may be the most difficult thing.

    At any rate, looking forward to what you present with interest.

  • HealthySkeptic

    This will be my last post in this topic.

    Picking up in the late 1800's with Mr. HG Wells, Many know him for his science fiction works. I mentioned the war of the worlds story he wrote. Mr. Wells also wrote many other non-fiction works dealing in other topics. For awhile he was involved with the Fabian Society. Roughly the story is about an outside threat that comes to Earth from another planet. I personally find this story interesting on a number of different levels. A personal conjecture I have is that perhaps his story was written 120 years before an outside intelligence or other worldly beings would show up and engage in a war of the worlds style war with man. 1898-2018

    At the very least the war of the worlds story is a classic piece of literature.

    A short time later world war I would start. Many already will know about the gentile times ending during the timeframe of WWI. Whatever ones stance regarding the gentile times, one has to at least acknowledge it was a significant game changer in that it has affected the modern world all the way down to today.

    Shortly after WWI, WWII was following closely behind. Many will no doubt already know about the rise of Adolf Hitler and the national socialist party that rose to power. What many are unaware of is a device the German scientists were developing pre WWII and through the war was the Bell. Die Glocke. This was a device that could levitate when powered on. When WWII came to a close the project was transferred down to Argentina and Hans Kammler brought over the bell to the United States and the research went black.

    As a side note Adolf and Eva did not kill themselves as popular history tells us. They made their way down to Argentina and had two daughters together.

    The US military industrial complex continued to develop the bell with the paperclip scientists that came over to the US. The Bell was even at Cape Canaveral at one time. Over the decades since then many advanced aircraft have been produced in the black world. If one can take a trip down to Cape Canaveral and visit I recommend it.

    Another popular event is the Roswell event in 1947. It wasn't aliens that crashed but an advanced Nazi flying craft.

    Now if one wants to read some real wild stuff about "aliens" look into the matrix series of books by Valdimer Valerian aka John Grace. The aliens are not physical or not of our density. They the "aliens" talk about the human mind and how to anesthetize the human brain. They also claim to have been watching the Earth for a long time and have guided human society over the milleniums.

    The "aliens" have also been aiding man in developing technology. In 1979 the "aliens" left and said they would return at a future date. It was said they wanted to see what man would do with the technology he was given.

    Gene Roddenberry the creator of the Star Trek series talked to these other worldly beings through spiritistic means and got some of his ideas that he would later use in Star Trek. They identified themselves as the council of nine or the Ennead of ancient Egypt.

    So to wrap up this long post and conclude. For milleniums mans history has really been guided by higher intelligences that are not human. These higher intelligences have been the lynch pin in bringing about sweeping changes to civilization. It is my personal thought we are on the verge of another big historical event.

    I have presented this information imperfectly. There's still a lot that can be said. However I wanted to use this forum as a means to get the information out there so all could have access to it. I'm not interested in winning people over or making converts. Do what you want with it. Believe what you will. Enjoy and happy researching.

    HealthySkeptic out.

  • cofty

    Utter bollocks!

    So many factual errors but there is no point in wasting time trying to help you since you made clear in your first post that you refuse to listen to contrary information.

    If you ever decide to learn more about reality there are plenty intelligent people here who would willingly help you.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    A hit and run poster.

  • EverApostate
    I have read many funny topics about Russell being a free mason or being instrumental in the skull and bones. Today you can pick your flavor of "conspiracy theories". Don't believe everything you read. Do the research yourself. This also includes what I type. Look into it yourself


    In response to your above quote, Why is CT Russel's Tomb in Pennsylvania adorned by a Mini Pyramid ? I have seen this myself.

    Your Jealous God Jehovah remained silent when his name was removed from his own holy book, until 1900 years ? This has been a question that has been disturbing me, even while I was a JW

    Are you thoroughly convinced by your religions blood policies and its effects ?

    Do you know of Watchtowers membership with the United Nations for 11 years ?

  • deegee
    The "aliens" have also been aiding man in developing technology.

    Is this someone from the WT's writing department?........and someone said the WT was out of ideas? LOL

  • cobweb

    Wow, that last post was a doozy. What are you basing your claims upon? I imagine you are reading some pretty 'out there' internet sites to come up with that stuff. Have you also been reading about the Illuminati? There is no point discussing your ideas as there there must be some mutual agreement on what constitutes evidence and that's clearly not going to happen here. I don't want to be mean though. Good luck to you.

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