Using history as a means to pinpoint possible future events.

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    The purpose of this thread is to share some history with the community. I am an active JW. The reason I picked this forum is due to the openness and ease with which information can be accessed. I was going to try jwtalk forum but its too controlled and they want too much personal information. Very Orwellian in my opinion. I am not here to debate with people but merely to share some things I find interesting. I have been reading this forum for sometime and I know there's a lot of negative people on here. I'm not here for them or to waste their time and my time in pointless, endless debates.

    Now onto my research. When I think of history, the first thoughts that come to my mind are the great bygone empires of the past. Also I look at mankind in a cyclical sense. The earth has 4 seasons that go round and round every year. The earth makes it trip around the sun, The solar system as a whole is moving with the sun around the galaxy. The arms of the galaxy are in turn moving around as well. Its like a beautifully orchestrated ballet. So with this thought, man too goes through cycles.

    Two thousand years ago in the heyday of the Roman Empire, between the years 9ce - 19ce the Romans were fighting the Germanic tribes. Rome at the time wanted to expand its territory into Germania. In 9ce the Germans dealt a blow to the Romans in the Teutoborg forest. The Germans took the eagles and hid them away. 7 years later the Romans came back and had more war and were able to recover the eagles. Hermann the German or Arminius was trying to set himself up as a war leader for the Germans. The Germans themselves killed him in 19ce. Rome was able to hold the flood back of the "barbarians".

    In the year 18ce Caiphas became the high priest and remained the high priest throughout John and Jesus' ministry.So your probably saying so what. What does this mean? Simply, it means historical events were moving in such a way topave the way for Jesus ministry. When Rome was able to calm down the Germanic tribes and other "barbarians" it opened up relative peace throughout the realm.

    In 43ce under Emperor Claudius he began a conquest of Britannia with a thought to legitimize his rule and to show he was a capable leader . At that time in Britannia there were the Druids who practiced human sacrifice and the Romans didn't like that about the Druids. Same as with the Germans and earlier Carthage.

    Now lets fast forward to the years 1517-1521.

    Martin Luther started the protestant reformation traditionally in 1517. While Luther was spiritually battling the papacy, something was beginning to take shape for the Aztecs in Mexico. The handwriting was on the wall for their empire. Just like Belshazzer of the Neo Babylonian empire, King Montezuma of the Aztecs received a message from a talking stone. It was called the stone of sacrifice and it told him that there was no more time left and that his kingdom would be over. Because of his pride in having exalted himself over the god who determines things.

    By the year 1521 the small band of the Spaniards and Tlaxcalans were able to overthrow the Aztec empire. The diseases the Spaniards brought with them decimated the native populations. The continent was literally being depopulated for the empire that would soon come in the Americas. Its also interesting that Tenochtitlan was captured on August 13th 1521.August 13th is the beginning of the pre-Columbian calendar. The new cycle was beginning or a new age/era.

    Okay so I'm going to take a break and continue on more later.

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    So what we see with the conquering of the Aztecs and subsequently the Inca by Pizarro is the destruction of the traditional gods of the Aztecs and the Incas. This opened the door for an understanding of Jesus and the ransom he provided once for all time. There was no need to sacrifice children or captured warriors to the gods or give blood offerings. Interestingly the Aztecs also had the cross. Their god Quetzalcoatl bore a cross in his images. The missionaries of the Catholic Church were intrigued and puzzled that the Aztecs already had the cross.

    As a side note America was not named after Amerigo Vespucci. The Incas called the land Amaruca. Even a ruler such as Tupac Amaru was named after this. It roughly means Land of the serpent/snake. When looking at the mound building cultures of the Americas we see the snake mound. I thought this was interesting. So if you live in the Americas you live in the land of the snake.

    So to me this was a real big event that took place. It has had far reaching impacts today in the world we live. So, you have read this far and your wondering, okay why is this guy telling me about this?

    The reason I am telling you about this is that it is around the 500 year time frame in which man has remaining to rule over himself in this scientific experiment in which you and I live in. It is also a significant development in the harvest in which Jehovah collects some anointed co-rulers for his son. I think of it in this way. Jehovah jiggled the tree of Christendom at that time and pieces of fruit fell out of the tree. Jehovah did not destroy Christendom yet because it was not his timetable to do so. In 1521 Martin Luther stood firm under pressure to abandon his beliefs. He also was a witness for Jehovah at the Diet in pointing to the Bible as Jehovah's word.

    Some don't like Luther and some do. I personally like Luther. I hold that he was one of the anointed future co-rulers with Jesus. Over the years the WTBS has had a few articles about Luther. Some are in a negative light. When considering Luther you have to think of him in the Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde sense. Before Luther died he said he wanted to become a ghost and haunt the papacy. Perhaps he is doing that in bringing to light all the recent sex scandals. Who knows huh?

    Next I'm going to jump to CT Russell and his generation.

    Im not demeaning other events of the 15,16,17,1800's There is a lot of cool stuff that developed such as free masonry,rosicrucians Francis Bacons - New Atlantis book, Jacobites, skull and bones and the list goes on and on. If your into the history of these things like I am look into an author by the name of Jim Marrs. He was written a lot of good introductory material into these topics.

    I will continue shortly. Its takes me awhile to type.

  • AuntBee

    Martin Luther was a staunch Trinitarian, so i have no idea how he could be classified by any JW or the WT as a "witness of Jehovah." Although CTR did say he was one of the Messengers of the church. -- Your post is probably far too long to get many responses on this type of forum. Cheers!

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Jehovah jiggling the tree of Christendom at that time and pieces of fruit fell out of the tree.

    That just made me laugh like crazy. You go Jehovah and jig that tree....

  • HealthySkeptic

    Now continuing with CT Russell you might be wondering why I skipped over many formative influences on CT Russell. Some such as George Storrs or William Miller to name a few. I will get to that but allow me to keep typing.

    In America at the time in which Russell lived, Protestantism and Catholicism had settled in nicely in the new world or the land of the serpent/snake. In the 1850's scientists in the military were playing with radio waves to see what could be done with them. Also in 1897 there was an airship spotted flying across America. There was German scientists living out in Sonora California making experimental flying machines. The Sonora Aero Club was behind the airship. It was real and it wasn't a made up article to sell newspapers.

    Okay so with Russell if you count back 360 years or a biblical time from the 1870's you arrive to Martin Luther who I typed about above. So what happened then? Well Protestantism had roughly give or take a 360 year period before Russell got going with a study group. Protestantism was a step in the right direction but it only went so far and stopped. The evidence shows that true worshippers of Jehovah were on the move with Jehovah's spirit at that time during Russell's generation. I can go into specifics about Russell but I will presume many already know a lot about him due to this forum being familiar about JWS.

    I have read many funny topics about Russell being a free mason or being instrumental in the skull and bones. Today you can pick your flavor of "conspiracy theories". Don't believe everything you read. Do the research yourself. This also includes what I type. Look into it yourself.

    The next post will mostly be about 20th century stuff like World War 2, Nazi technology, development of advanced propulsion. The question of aliens. Ufos shutting off nuclear missles and ICBMS. HG Wells War of the Worlds book from 1898.

    These topics at first seem out of place for what I have been talking about so far. I will make a connection that will hopefully become clear to whoever may be reading this.

    Hang tight.

  • waton
    The arms of the galaxy are in turn moving around as well. Its like a beautifully orchestrated ballet.

    HS, I know you do not like the negatives, but the arms of the galaxies are almost stationary, standing waves. it is the material that is orbiting the center, and moving through them.

    Fits your analogy though, certain features of history remain, different entities, empires move through the same stages, pressures, creations, etc. interesting.

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    Welcome HS.

    You said you wanted to share this info but you didn't say why you wanted to share, or, maybe you're getting to that?

    Ooh, it's in the title "pinpoint future events." Gotcha.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    HS - It seems like you want to live in an echo chamber. If you don't want to be criticised then you will never learn when you are wrong or going down the wrong path. Perhaps you need to rethink your username?

    "Don't believe everything you read. Do the research yourself. This also includes what I type. Look into it yourself"

    How often is this phrase recited by those who do not follow their own advice? Maybe it is due to the conditioning that JWs receive to makes them think that their way of 'researching' reaches the truth of the matter...

  • smiddy3


    Maybe you should start looking at the history of the IBSA and also the history of the Jehovah`s Witness religion that followed on from them and how the modern day Jehovah`s Witnesses have continually re-written their history through C.T.Russells time and J.F.Rutherfords time , and even N.H. Knorrs and Freddie Franz.time down to our own day.

    One thing that stands out like a beacon is that they are not in any way honest about their early history when you compare what was said in print from their own publications originally and what is said now in print in a sanitized version of their early history.

    You cant hide anything nowadays with the internet "what was hidden will now be revealed "

  • freddo

    Confirmation Bias at its finest.

    Charles Taze Russell fired an arrow into a fence and you have painted a target around it.

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