Hearts going out to those in the Fort Mac area

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  • talesin

    Ok, thanks, and missing you! xo

  • OrphanCrow


    And frightening. It is a long way from being over...the fire is getting worse with no rain in sight.


    "But let me be clear: air tankers are not going to stop this fire.
    "It (the fire) is going to continue to push through these dry conditions until we actually get some significant rain."
    The fire, which had been menacing Fort McMurray since the weekend, rode a rapid shift in winds Tuesday afternoon to cut through the city on an east-west axis, cutting the main road and sending 80,000 residents fleeing in polar opposite directions under a mandatory evacuation order.
    Aided by high winds, scorching heat and low humidity, the fire grew from 75 square kilometres Tuesday to 100 square kilometres on Wednesday, but by Thursday it was almost nine times that — at 850 square kilometres.
    The fire remained wrapped around the west and southern edges of the city. If the city was the face of a clock, the fire surrounded it from the number four to 11.
  • truthlover
    People are so generous, gas and food along the outbound were free, Edmonton and surrounding areas were up and running for those without somewhere to go, animals were being boarded free, No fatalities, just a burnt out war zone looking area..... lots of grief but glad they got out, the fires raged around them, the water bombers kept sides of roads clear as they could while RCMP checked those homes still standing - one man had no way out, no cell phone so they rescued him and another home had 5 family members in it, they were taken out.. Convoys of buses are on going.. This fire is jumping into Saskatchewan and BC as well -- maybe some rain but they need a week of it and that is no where in sight. Officials are all working together and seems things are working smoothly = although it will take years to rebuild...$44 M donated by public so far, will be marched by prov and federal govts to start.....
  • truthlover

    The fire starts its own windstorms and lightening, it jumped a 1.5 mile wide river and began burning that section.

    Theory is that it stated at the end of town in a house, not confirmed

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