Availability Crisis of Conscience.

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  • Ben131895

    Most of us are desperately waiting for the availability of a legal Crisis of Conscience.

    Deborah Dykstra provided us with two updates.

    On December 12, 2015 there was a clear statement about the copyright which stopped all illegal activity in spreading electronic versions & prints.

    Finally, she promised a new update by or before May 6.

    So far no new update. Did something go wrong?

    See for the updates http://www.commentarypress.com/copyright/

  • jookbeard
    lots of things have gone wrong, I reckon another 2 years down the line and there will still be no CoC, a pathetic mess and a farce when you consider the amount of genuine offers she has had to offer print runs until the official transfer of copyright was completed, yet still nothing.
  • Londo111

    This is one of those books that should be "open sourced"...also not used as a political football in a vendetta. 

  • oppostate
    Putting it up on amazon.com for Kindle, how hard can that be, why is it taking so long to have a legal means to obtain the book?
  • JeffT
    Putting it up on amazon.com for Kindle, how hard can that be,

    Have you tried doing it?

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I am going to be shot down in flames here, but many other than Ray Franz have dared expose the watchtower. And my point is personally, many here have faced greater challenges leaving, and may I say shown at worst equal strength of character. So in my humble opinion the book served a purpose when we had scanty information on the watchtower. However we now have much more graphic and detailed factual stories of the monster the watchtower is, and surely seeing Geoffrey Jackson testifying at the royal commission is a more relevant and modern day summarrassion of the working of the G.B.

    I apologize if my comments appear insensitive, but I personally think Ray would also say, let's not hunger and thirst for what happened 30 years ago, the sins of this organisation have become 10 fold worse, and the Internet has taken away the mysterious power that made my book so important.

    The Rebel.

  • Magnum

    The Rebel, no flames from me. However, I do feel that Ray's book provides a unique insight into the inner chamber - an insight that can't be obtained anywhere else.

    My feelings might change or be changed, but right now I sort of feel that Ray's book should be freely available. Yes, to an extent, he was a victim, too, however, he was at the top, and even if innocently, he contributed to the robbing of many lives, including mine. He contributed to the perpetuating of a lie.

    In a way, I think he owes me and others that book.

  • konceptual99

    As far as publishing to Kindle is concerned....


    As far as short run hard copy printing is concerned, rightly or wrongly, Cedars showed how cheaply and quickly this could be achieved.

    Before anyone flames me down I support the distribution of the book in a structured way by parties with the rights to do so, The above are just a couple of points to indicate how quickly something could be done. Perhaps a little simplistic as I know the copyright owner wants to cover a number of bases both with print and electronic media and has had a lot of things to consider with copyright, ill health and so on, but there was a tremendous amount of goodwill here and elsewhere to supporting the copyright holder's aims and this is being eroded by lack of visible progress.

    In the meantime distribution of the book as a shared PDF is no doubt continuing unabated.

  • KateWild
    In the meantime distribution of the book as a shared PDF is no doubt continuing unabated.-K99

    Yes indeed, if anyone asks me I will provide if there is no other source. I have sent Deborah Dyrska a email stating this and told her to bill me her costs if she wishes.

    It's between me and Deborah what I do with my copy now, and she is not fulfilling her promises to meet deadlines. She refuses help also.

    I do also agree that not everyone needs CoC to wake up, but it certainly does help to know how the GB work. As most JWs think holy spirit guides their decisions which CoC exposes as false.

    Kate xx

  • jookbeard

    It's not going to happen is it? why cant someone stand up and give some proper official announcement about how near or far the completion for copyright transfer and print run is? is it so hard? there was no update as promised on or before the 12th June, what a surprise!

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