After 17 years, I went to a KH....really shocked!!

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  • Haupi33
    Have you seen the singing, dancing and partying that has gone recently? Here's Jehovah's Witnesses participating in a show for the 2014 International Convention delegates:
  • possum
    I'd pay to watch the GB in stripes behind bars (second song)
  • Vidiot

    Prometheus - "...they are probably trying to become a mainstream religion..."

    Don't be fooled.

    They're just trying to give the appearance of a "mainstream" church.

    Scratch the surface, and you'll still see (even more so) the authoritarian high-control group they've been for decades.

    And that ain't gonna change.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Where was the Atlanta program held? Rented venue? Or, is this a JW Assm Hall?

    Looks like they really went "all out" on the "non-theocratic" program. In the past, this would have been considered a waste of valuable time and money, and a showy display.


  • Prometheus

    Well, I really have no words to describe the new face lift of the WT!!!

    Kingdom Ministry School changed, (when I left it was the book study) now it is all in blended to one! I recall it was my favorite, and I enjoyed the warm association, I used to contact the book study in a group that was 1.5 hour drive, since it was at the country site and our congregation was the nearest. Now all that is gone.

    I was surprised to see the new "innovations" at the meetings, including cartoons for the kids!!! I believe WT they went completely to the other side, using technology and focus a lot on I recall that WT was very negative for using the internet and now they are taking full advantage of it, with webtv as well. So it is another way to keep the followers occupied.

    Next week is the CO overseer visit, so I'm eager to see that and give my comments

  • besty

    take the study - make sure the format is:

    Part A - what I used to believe was the truth

    Part B - what you now believe is the truth

    Part C - make them explain from the Bible how to from A to B

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