I pioneered brothers parked their BMW and got aride in my 20 year old car?? No support.

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    So I pioneered for 10 years in the 1990's it was 90 hours a month with alot of country driving. I was shocked when brothers and sisters with full time jobs would park their brand new cars and go Witnessing in my 20 year old Orange Datsun. I was barely living on $250 a week as a yeah...window cleaner. I was tired of driving all week and would have loved for someone to invite me into an air-conditioned new car for a break. They DONT CARE. No one ever contributed for petrol after driving all day in a car that was barely hanging on. I just got a new car a month ago and am glad that poverty is behind me.

  • waton

    w7, you lived in luxury how about as a special pioneer ca, 1960, 150 hours a month, 45.- a month wt support, and spending most of the time in a beetle, no aircon in summer, barely any heat in the winter. no fuel gage to remind passenger it is gas up time.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Once upon a time there was a disaster that caused t h e convention parking to be limited. The "rich" congregations got the limited passes for their Mercedes, Cadillac and jaguars. We working poor got street parking or shuttles.

  • Foolednomore

    Yeah- I know what you mean by all of that. I Pioneered with out a vehicle and lived at home with my uptight parents. Seen it all. Now I look back, I would not of been suckered into doing it. By the way I drove past my old hall driving my new Mercedes with my No JW sticks, and saw all some of those wonderful people in their second hand BMW which I just roll past them as they stop and say is that brother So and So?

  • hoser

    The caste system is alive and well in the Jehovah’s Witness religion.

  • Foolednomore

    It's odd, when I was Jw I had no money, I mean just scraping by. Now that I'm out I have all kinds of things going on. Jw stuff is just on big life suck. It sucks money and time out of you.

  • LongHairGal

    WITNESS 007:

    Anybody who rode in your car should have given you gas money! That’s what I would have done. I also took certain friends out to lunch.

    I might have driven a few times in the earlier years out in service..I got criticized for turning corners too fast by one older sister. I said I’m sorry but I could take her back to the hall if she wanted.😈. This was one with a cushy life and worldly husband. She was the one who made the remark that I ‘shouldn’t get a 2 door car’. To which I replied that if the religion was making my car payments I would get any car they liked.

    I realized Witnesses were ingrates and it was a liability to have people in my car. So, I never did this again. Besides, these idiots criticized me for my full-time job.👎

  • waton
    I got criticized for turning corners too fast

    LHG: what was your reply? here is mine:

    sorry friend, I have a phobia about slow turns from my pre- wt piloting days. Most people get killed in airplane crashes for stalling in a turn, buying the farm by spinning in. its fundamental. also

    Br. waton, do you believe in the resurrection? me: "of course I do, its fundamental" then,

    " Br. waton, please slow down, I like to avoid the resurrection as much as possible, just a hope after all.

    back to marriage: at least, wt and other religions mandate that commitment, punish free fun as sin, so there is this very strong hormone driven home seeking ( banding a man to the house ) clause, that so strongly drives the marriage imperative. dont knock it.

  • SouthCentral

    Their cars were probably leased; meaning they could drive limited miles every year or pay a fee!!

  • exjwlemming

    Sure, there are some JW’s that are very well off. Usually, they are very tight with their money and not generous in helping with expenses. That may be why they have more money. They tend to sponge off of others. In addition, I found that a lot JWs live above their means even though they preach “modesty in all things.” They drive expensive new luxury cars through a lease. They have no money for a sizable down payment and the ability to finance the car at 6- 8 hundred US dollars a month. They can lower their lease payment by lowering their yearly mileage. Your “friends” may be in either one of these categories. I knew one of the “friends” that definitely had to have this new 4 door luxury sports car, for service. He didn’t have a pot to urinate into. However, his down payment came from 3 maxed out credit cards! He was notorious for being really cheap. After the assembly, they would get a group to meet at a restaurant. It would always be a restaurant that he had coupons just for his family. The group would have to eat at his choice of restaurant so he could get a free appetizer or free drinks or a 2 for 1 entree. We use to try and guess which coupons they clipped from the newspaper flyer. He borrowed some tools and lawn equipment from me, but always had a reason not to bring them back.

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