I pioneered brothers parked their BMW and got aride in my 20 year old car?? No support.

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  • LongHairGal


    I’m sorry you learned the hard way about ‘lending’ JWs expensive tools among other things.

    Too many Witnesses are Users plain and simple who will take what they can get (Freebies) from people who can’t say NO. This is the naked truth about it all.👎

    I never resented anybody who was well-off and never expected anything from anybody..I did not ‘covet’ anybody’s anything.. I had a full-time job and supported myself. However, I was criticized for having this job - and by older people collecting their pensions, to boot!!.. Because of this hateful attitude towards me, I wouldn’t give so much as a dime to pioneers who didn’t work. I also Refused to do favors for all the Users.

    I was charitable towards certain single women who were friendly towards me. These women were poorly paid and sadly did so much for the religion.

    It’s interesting to note these single women are needy today!!!..Women who don’t get married or get a career end up poor in their senior years!.. This is why I have no regrets about my full-time job because I am Retired now.. The religion and the hypocrites within would certainly not be supporting me or anybody else.

  • Smiles


    And who did the circuit overseer & his wife gravitate towards... the Datsun, or the BMW ?

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Elders with businesses, families, investment properties, expensive cars and lots of kids, who then give talks about 'putting the kingdom first' and 'how bad this world is' have always made me sick.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    "Smiles" the oversear in my ethnic Cong. always got a nice envelope of cash from brothers who that he was a God.

  • Foolednomore

    What got me was these pioneers would bring their junky azz rides to our family ran shop and expect some sort of " Theocratic Dicount" because they Pioneer and you are a brother. I don't mind giving a few breaks here and there but I have a business to ran. Things cost! They don't seem to understand that. Then they look down along their noses because I'm not pioneering. I'm " materialistic " for charging them so much for repairs to keep their cars running. I don't like it when "Brothers " come to the shop. Also looking for a handout. Some of them but most of them. I hate it.

  • LongHairGal


    If you’re out and your family is still In, they are going to have to learn to say No to the Witnesses looking for Freebies!.. That is one crucial word to learn. Practice in front of a mirror!! ..But, you gotta say No.

    As far as the JWs telling you you’re ‘materialistic’ because you had a decent job - same here.

    But, they ALL made a serious error in judgment when they made idiot remarks to me about ‘materialism’ and ‘not pioneering’. I’ll never forget this! ..The consequences are: they DONT get to ask for money from somebody they knocked for having a decent job or working full-time! ..I’m not interested in anybody’s ‘hard-luck stories’.

    Let them track down their ‘spiritual’ friends and ask THEM for money.

  • Foolednomore

    Longhairgal- I have never seen such a sense of entitlement until dealing with Jw's. And yes we do say no. We have a business partner that deals with any "Brothers " that come to the shop. If they don't like the quote they are free to go elsewhere or a brother who is a shade tree mechanic. It's fine with us we are busy.

  • blondie

    I remember going to a circuit assembly in the same circuit Bethelites attended from the farm. The circuit overseer got up and brought up the point that jws with nice cars did not want to use them in "preaching" because their car might get messed up and they did not want the wear and tear on their car. He counseled these people that they should use their own car, gas, and run up "wear and tear" on their car not the literally "poor" pioneer, these people with the nice cars were missing an opportunity to do good to their "brothers." But see there were a lot of Bethelites in those congregations, many who did not have nice cars and not the income to support the cost of gas...I wondered how that worked out?

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