WT shooting themselves in the foot, or rather the mouth, finally

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  • Listener

    This is what the November 2017 Watchtower states

    Beginning in the late 19th century,The WatchTower drew attention to the prophetic significance of the cities of refuge. “This feature of the typical Mosaic law strongly foreshadowed the refuge which the sinner may find in Christ,” stated the September1,1895, issue.“Seeking refuge in him by faith, there is protection.”
    A century later,The Watchtower identified the antitypical city of refuge as “God’s provision for protecting us from death for violating his commandment about the sanctity of blood.” However,the March15 ,2015, issue of The Watchtower explained why our recent publications seldom mention prophetic types and antitypes: “Where the Scriptures teach that an individual, an event, or an object is typical of something else, we accept it as such. Otherwise, we ought to be reluctant to assign an antitypical application to a certain person or account if there is no specific Scriptural basis for doing so.” Because the Scriptures are silent regarding any antitypical significance of the cities of refuge, this article and the next one emphasize instead the lessons Christians can learn from this arrangement.

    It is highly unlikely that any JW would get the significance of this 'new light'. Very few JWs would know that Rutherford used the Old Testament "Cities of Refuge" arrangement to support his Other Sheep theory in 1934 and 1935. However, it is highly likely that the writers of this statement knew exactly the significance of what they were saying. After all, they researched to as far back as 1895.

    It took Meleti, a very talented writer and researcher of Beroean Pickets, a great deal of effort to work out what scriptures, if any, the organization used to base it's 'other sheep' teaching on. He searched 2,233 occurrences of the 'other sheep' within the Watchtower library dating back to 1950 and the search didn't stop there. The only basis for the claim that Meleti could find was this silly interpretation by Rutherford.
  • Chook

    I had a Jw the other day assure me Rutherford is in heaven now ruling. I asked had he ever read any of the eye witness accounts that people who had dealings with him, of course not he on been told what WT corp told him. The average Jw will follow this Warwick chariot where ever it goes. The ruling cardinals of the GB and self appointed pope big tony , with their weekly prayer sessions asking for the next ricochete direction to guide these blind sheep. Oppostate you have very valid points but logic and truth aren't necessarily top priority for our elite ruling class.

  • waton

    On reason they like to dump those Cities of refuge, maintained by the priestly Levites, is: that it would make the ones fleeing into it Israelites, and wt strictly maintains that all non 144 000 are not spiritual Israelites, never, god forbid, members of the" Israel of God" , even though one all of the sealed have to be members of the 12 tribes first.

  • BluesBrother

    Jusr re read that QFR , from 2002. It said , as I got it, that the Gt Crowd are not actually within the Holy temple but the outer courtyard that in Herod's time any Tom Dick or Harry could walk through. They are encompassed in the umbrella like Temple arrangement though.

    In 2015 the Wt 07/15 said they serve along with the Remnant in the earthly courtyard of the temple arrangement. ...It is all semantics.

    If I were still an active Dub trying to explain it, I guess I would read the Scripture of 144K standing on Mt Zion ( Rez 14) and say that the rest were "other sheep" and move quickly back to the New World doctrine....

    As everyone says, logical thinking and reasoning on the Scriptures is a foreign language to them these days.

  • waton

    Comparing humans to sheep cheapens the concept of the status of creatures. whether they are anointed, other, black, lost, whatever. It is fishy, Why did the man not use carpenter illustrations instead? "if I had a hammer''"

  • Phoebe

    This blew my mind when I read it on Beroean Pickets last night but the sad thing most of the witnesses won't understand the significance of it nor will they care. As one sister said to me: 'I don't understand a word of it but I know God's name is Jehovah and that's all I need to know, the rest just flies right over my head.'

    But there will be some brothers who study diligently who will spot this and let's hope it wakes some of them up because it only takes one thing to start the ball rolling.

  • sir82

    What will happen next?


    Listen very carefully:

    JWs don't care about doctrine.

    They want to feel good, feel important, and feel like they belong. If life gets too tough, they want to imagine how they'll feel when they're petting pandas, or how they'll feel when seeing dead-but-resurrected grandma again.

    It's all about feelings, not this:

    a doctrinal showdown where a logical disproving of the doctrine could cause a "look who's behind the curtain" shock in a meltdown of cognitive dissonance.

    "Doctrinal showdown" - LOL. JWs would believe in trinity, hellfire, and that God's name is Lucifer if the GB told them so in a magazine article. And they'd believe it the instant they read it.

  • waton
    And they'd believe it the instant they read it.

    and prepare a pretentious comment to prove their ueber unity with whatever is dished out, "do it ,whether it is logical or not" as demanded ,but doctrines are fun to poke holes into, a laugh.

  • Bad_Wolf

    If you do not comment exactly what the WT paragraph is saying, then it's all deer in headlights looks on the congregation. In fact at almost all times that is what you have. So it'll be in one ear and out the other.

  • Crazyguy

    This is way to complicated for most JWs. They the JWs of today have very little knowledge of what the GB teach. You can even see it here on this site. Ten years ago posters were discussing many subjects from the Borg and well as many bible subjects. Today bible subject are not discussed much nor or JW doctrines . Today the JWs get to meetings to hear how they need to do more give up more and be mindless sheeple. I experienced this first hand when the elders didn't know their ass for a hole in the ground and going to meetings seeing all the watchtowers on Sunday that were not marked by the vast majority of the attendees.

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