WT shooting themselves in the foot, or rather the mouth, finally

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  • oppostate

    "Stop the Presses!"

    Awesome blog article at Bereans.net !


    The WT hierarchy just shot themselves in the foot, or rather their oracle mouth, and it could blow the brains off their Other Sheep doctrine. Maybe we'll see further clarification on this "lapsus linguae" as they try to reassemble their revisionist, doctrinal undoing.

    One commenter by the username of Eleasar summarizes it this way:

    The teaching of the “Great Crowd” is based on 4 fundamental elements.
    1. Where do they stand in the temple? (See Revelation 7:15) Naos means the inner sanctuary as based on the 1st May WT 2002 Question from readers. This means that the “Great Crowd” location needs to be revisited. On the understanding of the Spiritual temple (see w72 12/1 pp. 709-716 “The One True Temple at Which to Worship”, w96 7/1 pp. 14-19 Jehovah’s Great Spiritual Temple and w96 7/1 pp. 19-24 The Triumph of True Worship Draws Near) The last article has the point corrected in the 2002 Question from Readers.
    2. Jehu and Jonadab teaching of type and antitype based on the 1934 WT 1st August on “His Kindness” no longer applies based on the FDS rule as stated in the bible. This is implicit and not explicitly stated.
    3. Cities of Refuge teaching of type and antitype teachings based on the 15th August 1934 “His Kindness Part 2” is no longer valid. This is an explicit statement as we can see in the November 2017 edition and you have covered this in your article.
    4. The teaching of John 10:16 is the only one remaining and that is disproved scripturally by Ephesians 2; 11-19.
    I make it 3 out of the 4 points have now shown to be in error. The 4th point can be reasoned contextually and will fall.

    Since Rutherford based his Other Sheep doctrine on the Cities of Refuge being the prophetic Biblical type for the teaching that the Other Sheep are earth bound subjects of God's Kingdom, by the GB's writing committee admitting that the cities of refuge are not the OT in anti-typical fleece covering, as previously taught, they have left themselves with no published support for the Other Sheep doctrine. They've cut their feet from under themselves on this doctrine. They've shorn the sheep, they've fleeced their doctrine.

    The OT doctrine, and the love of pandas and pet lions, may well be firmly ingrained in the minds of current JW publishers, but they've now opened themselves to a doctrinal showdown where a logical disproving of the doctrine could cause a "look who's behind the curtain" shock in a meltdown of cognitive dissonance.

    What will happen next?

  • Darkknight757

    Are the rank and file j-dumbs smart enough to put any of this together? It's great and all but most can't think their way out of a cereal box.

  • TD

    2. Jehu and Jonadab teaching of type and antitype based on the 1934 WT 1st August on “His Kindness” no longer applies based on the FDS rule as stated in the bible. This is implicit and not explicitly stated.

    I'm not sure if I understand #2 above....

  • waton

    Wt doctrine also falsely identifies "The Sheep" of Math 25 with the "other sheep" of John 10, (really the Gentile Christians), and the former are supposed to be a separate "class" from "Christ Brothers, the true cheep, the little flock". so,

    The Mixed multitude, Gibeonite, Jonadab, fringe grabbing, City refugee , multiple anti typical second class Christians may be disproven, but for wt, the "we, the superior anointed" power trip is too tempting to be abandoned.

    The real reverse marksmanship of wt is in installing the anointed sheep as the last generation, instead of the hapless Other Sheep.

    The last generation according to the biblical Jesus is supposed to last into everlasting paradise. (the sheep of Math 25 coming out of the Great Tribulation). The last wt generation, the anointed, never make it.

    Contradicting Jesus is really off the mark. blowing your doctrine out of the water (of "truth"). marked?

  • steve2

    I think the argument in the OP, although compelling to those who bother to think it through, would be lost on your average JW who is disinclined to investigate the basis for one of their main teachings.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Are the rank and file j-dumbs smart enough to put any of this together?


  • oppostate
    I'm not sure if I understand #2 above....

    Rutherford taught the OT doctrine by saying that Jehu asking Jonadab if he was with him he could ride in his chariot, Jonadab was willing to follow Jehu so in Rutherfords mind this was an anti-type situation for the Anointed Class (Jehu) and the Jonadab Class (followers).

    Since the current GB has said that anti-typing shouldn't be used unless clearly stated in the Scriptures they are turning away one of the pillars of Rutherford's doctrine.

  • oppostate

    Are the rank and file j-dumbs smart enough to put any of this together?


    The average rant-and-file JW may not get it, heck I didn't really get the importance of the 1995 change when that was going on and I was fully mentally submerged into the doctrinal cesspool of the WT.

    But the JW who is prime for waking up will grab on to this, will see past the dissonance and it will be the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. For me, this would have been a big shake up and would have started my waking up--there must be others too for whom this would have a similar effect.

    Every year there are new JW's who are prime for waking up. Everyone is different and those things that trigger a wake-up on one may not do so to another.

    I think this has the chance to wake up a lot of JW's. The UN did it for many, the 607vs.586 did it for others, and reading Crisis of Conscience did it for many. I really think that some are just primed for this to help them wake up.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "although compelling to those who bother to think it through"

    When I read The Gentile Times Reconsidered of COJ some years ago, I became passionate about the subjects involved, especially Babylonian astronomy, because it was about using facts and evidence to uncover JW bullshit. But this business of using bullshit to uncover bullshit (interpretation of the Bible to demonstrate that JW's got the two flocks completely wrong) has never been an attractive exercise of the mind. I just have to leave the other sheep alone.

  • waton

    Did not David Splane's remarks on irrelevant type anti-types, past doctrines negate all these past doctrines? fringe-grabbers, jonadabs et al? I was a jonadab on my first Pub. record card.

    To fit the "city of refuge sheep", what sins would they be running from? disobeying Jesus' command to "eat and drink, all of you?" anointed or not? , and his listeners were not anointed! OS all 11or12 of them!?

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