Being Removed From Facebook and Twitter

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  • minimus

    They allowed every negative untruthful comment about Trump being a Russian asset and allowed every unproven comment that Trump was not a duly elected President. They are so biased it will come back to bite them.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Now Trump’s campaign twitter account, the WH press secretary’s account, and the New York Post’s account - Twitter shut them all down over this.

    Their reason is that it violates their hacked materials policy.

    I’m not sure these materials were “hacked”, but putting that aside, if emails surfaced that Donald Trump actually had a meeting with Putin himself in, say, 2015, so you honestly think Twitter would be shutting down CNNs account for reporting “hacked materials”?

  • mickbobcat

    There is a new Axis powers. The press, the Democrats and social media. They are the new enemy of the people and to truth. They want to decide what you see hear and can say and even think. Its the ministry of truth and propaganda and you are a thought criminal if you don't think as they do.

  • MeanMrMustard

    As the video points out - were the stories and links around Trumps tax returns censored because they were “hacked”/“leaked”?

  • AbelJohn

    "Simon - Imagine if your phone service was cut-off because you said something critical of the CEOs favourite candidate?"

    I understand your point, just as long as the same applies here.

  • vienne

    Tech companies, especially social media companies, are do not differ materially from public utilities or phone companies that ARE regulated. It's in both parties interest to regulate them. Today they support the far left; tomorrow they may change and then the left will howl.

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    I have a Twitter account that I don't use. However, after reading this I logged in and looked up some news topics featuring Twitter censorship in current U.S. politics and the new information on the hard drive of Hunter Biden at a repair shop. My Tweets were shut down, citing "something went wrong" couldn't post your Tweet.

    I agree that these U.S. oligarchs should appear before the U.S. Senate and DOJ (Not so Just) for criminal charges in attempting to influence an election. They need to answer questions as Ted Cruz is demanding in his letters to Twitter and Facebook. Social media companies for years couldn't make any money until they figured out they could sell information on unsuspecting users. Since then, they have become competitive political parties that are masters of tax avoidance.

  • minimus

    If this isn’t election meddling what is??? I can say Trump is a criminal with no repercussions but say anything about Biden or Hillary and you’re banned?? Cmon mannnn.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    I was reading accounts of this on a gun forum and got the something went wrong message. Believe me, gun forums are pro trump, so Google must have gotten an algorithm to intercept it

  • Simon
    I understand your point, just as long as the same applies here.

    You don't understand then, because "here" is nowhere near "utility" status that social media companies are. Being deleted from this forum won't affect your life one bit, it won't affect your career prospects or ability to market your products or services, it won't impact any election.

    "One of those things is not like the other"

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