Being Removed From Facebook and Twitter

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  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    News reports today are that Twitter is blocking news of Hunter Biden email from a chemical company in BFE being reported on by a I don't do Twotter. Interesting how all these social media giants side consistently against anything that cast a bad light on the Democrats but with Republicans crickets. Ted Cruz wrote a letter to Twitter and Facebook demanding answers to his questions.

    I got rid of a Facebook account with my real name because of a Union discussion group I made some suggestions about writing off your travel expenses and keeping records. (2017 Before the new tax laws without deductions). Funny, I was audited within 8 months of those comments. IRS didn't find anything and did not change my taxes paid.

  • minimus

    My friend would generally put negative comments about Obama Biden and Dems. Certainly nothing crazy. Plus he never even got a warning!

    If they don’t like what you post they can just ban you. Even the NewYork Post has lost Twitter privileges.

  • minimus

    Regarding this place, you can say you hate Trump. You can’t say— if you like Trump you are a racist piece of shit that should die.

  • Funky
    If they don’t like what you post they can just ban you.

    Just imagine if Simon did that!

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The Trump Campaign itself has been banned from Twitter now too for putting up negative Biden ads.

    We do indeed need less regulation on these platforms. If they want to be a publishing platform and have editorial privileges, they first need to conform to the truth in advertising laws and second not get legal protections that an open platform like Gab, Thinkspot or this website would enjoy.

  • minimus

    They cannot regulate fairness in politics. If you allow one party to say whatever they want but don’t apply the same standard to the other it’s wrong. These companies need to be held responsible. They are looking for posts that disagree with their political views. Wrong!!

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Facebook and Twitter are platforms - the ones who hold the rights own it and if you agree to their terms and conditions, you agree. It's just like WT. WT owns it's platform.

    If you take part in it you add weight to it. If you leave it, it becomes more light weight.

    Of course it does depend exactly what you are weighing.

  • Funky
    If you allow one party to say whatever they want but don’t apply the same standard to the other it’s wrong.

    Are they really applying the standards differently for different "sides"? Minimus thinks so, and says it's "wrong", but other folks disagree.

    These companies need to be held responsible.

    By whom? By what authority?

    If you don't like what the New York times prints, buy the New York Post. If you don't like Stephen King's novels, don't read them. If you don't like Twitter's policies, don't support them.

    Simon has no obligation to post pro-JW screeds on this site in the interest of "fairness". It's his site. He can do what he wants.

    Twitter is a private company with certain policies and standards. They choose to allow or prohibit certain users and content. What law obligates them to do so according to something other than their own determination?

  • minimus

    So if Twitter or Facebook decides to censor conservatives, it’s ok? Just don’t join their companies. Ok Funky, if you say so

  • Funky

    Is it "censoring conservatives", or is it following their own guidelines for not allowing certain posts?

    I.e. are they doing it because of the political orientation of the poster, or because of the content of the posts?

    Twitter & Facebook have determined that the whole NYP story is demonstrably false. They have determined that allowing posts that point to a misleading story violates their guidelines. I understand other people disagree with that assessment, but "other people" don't run Twitter or FB.

    My right to swing my fist stops where your nose begins. Conservatives can say whatever the hell they want on Twitter or elsewhere, but if they propagate stories that violate the posting guidelines, they have to accept the consequences or leave.

    If you disagree with their guidelines, or disagree that your posts violate the guidelines, write them a letter.

    How many people has Simon banned from this site over the years, conservative and liberal? I'd bet virtually all of them would say they'd been "censored". Was that really the case though?

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