What Will Take Away The Reins Of Power From This Delusional Bunch Of Governing Body Saints?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Will it be the complete and utter mismanagement of Child Abuse issues due to a total disregard for children and not wanting to bringing reproach upon corporate Jehovah's name?

    Or will it be some other thing?

    I strongly think the Governing Body's days as G. O. D. are numbered due to their complete incompetence to rule a corporation, brought on by a big and getting bigger Shadow, and a persistent denial of anything negative about their corporation's claims to be God's earthly Organization.

    The next big question is will they go bankrupt before being dethroned? It could be that they are headed to a quick financial end, and no time to try to save the ship from these clowns in sheep's clothing.

    One thing for sure GB Yes Men must be getting fewer and fewer @ Headquarters due all the bad publicity they are generating across the globe. I'm sure disappointments and a worry over job security are making it almost intolerably hard to even crack a smile to these nit wits with their petty peeves about tight pants that Jehovah hates and other such like bull shit.

  • zeb

    A formal investigation in the US on par with the Australian CARC.

  • DesirousOfChange

    This group of GB will muddle along just like the groups before them. Year after year, decade after decade, they will slowly push off The End until they die and each successive (overlapping) generation dies. Paradise Unfulfilled.

    Most JWs will “wake up dead” before they wake up to TTATT.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Hard to answer your question Brokeback. Governments come and go, Companies come and go. Era's come and go. But religions seem to last for some unknown and baffling reason! JW's are for sure fu*ked up but show me a religion that isn't!

    "In the beginning............man created God."

    just saying!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Governments come and go, Companies come and go. Era's come and go. But religions seem to last for some unknown and baffling reason! JW's are for sure fu*ked up but show me a religion that isn't!

    IUTB, very true bbbbbbut(everybody got their big buts), we have a rather new factor to add to the same old story and that is we are in the information age, the internet spells doom for the WT, they thrive on indoctrinating ignorance into peoples mines and making them slaves to the corporation's whims, how long can that go on?

    The courts of many countries are coming down on the WT, their internet presents is very weak, in fact it is exposing them as delusional, cruel, religious fanatics.

    The way I see it in today's day and age they can't last a 1000 years like before the information age, intelligence is increasing exponentially not just linearly. At this rate they are doomed.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    What will take a away the rein of power...

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I'm sure there are some big changes that could insure their corporate survival for many decades but I don't expect them to be able make those necessary changes with a bunch of brain dead delusional old farts they got calling the shots as the Organization stands today with G.O.D. running every thing with 3rd grade school level education interpreting and cherry picking scriptures from the Bible and making up doctrines. Their brains are too filled with their own self serving bull shit to make good decisions.

    It is a proven fact that fundamental Christian religion shrinks your brain:


    Religions Mutate
    Like genes and gene complexes, when an ideology is replicated—or passed from one person or group to another—it undergoes mutations. As a consequence, different versions of that belief system are produced, which generate different types of behavior. As such, there are often good and bad variants of any given religion. For instance, there are moderate versions of Christianity and Islamthat promote qualities like a sense of community and a moral code that fosters ethical behavior. These ideas can be beneficial to the host organism, i.e., the religious-practicing individual. At the same time, there are harmful variants of Islam and Christianity—specifically the rigid fundamentalist versions—that cause the host mind to process information in a biased way, think irrationally, and become delusional.
  • john.prestor

    I'm with zeb, it's pretty clear by now that non-elite Jehovah's Witnesses won't rise up against the Governing Body and throw them down, not literally, but just draw a line in the sand like, We won't send you another dollar unless you get rid of disfellowshipping. People who get tired of being mistreated leave; those who don't, don't. So I think a government would need to force their hand to bring about change of any kind. Maybe, just maybe, them going bankrupt could make them change things too.

  • pepperheart

    Jws dont seem to be sending a great deal of money the watchtower has been making cuts since 2012 so i dont think its a short term thing

  • WillYouDFme

    Their eventual Death.

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