Headed to vegas! Anything i should do?

by _Morpheus 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Crazyguy

    Shows, hookers, food, you should do it all and not necessarily in that order!

  • gma-tired2

    Have fun no guilt feelings.

  • LV101

    Be sure to take a ride on the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world -- it's called the High Roller. You can't miss it on the strip. It's in a center called the Linq. They serve drinks onboard.

  • Chook

    Take antibiotics

  • LV101

    The Mojave Desert is pretty amazing here - can't imagine you getting bored or needing a break from the strip but you can always take a drive to Mt. Charleston, elevation about 7,500 ft., where there's skiing in the winter time and only about 40 minutes away. Majestic Spring Valley mountain ranges, Red Rock Mountain for climbers, hikers.

    LV was rated No. 2 in the world for shopping just behind #1 Rome, Italy. We may have slipped a tad during the economy slump but I'm not sure. More 5 star restaurants here than any place in the world. Many renown chefs if dining out is your thing.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    It's more like what you shouldn't do in Vegas, but yes, eat.

    Gamble? Send me your money. I don't know who said it, but whoever said that gambling was a tax on people who are bad at math sure had it right.

    My brother lived there. One day while visiting there (my wife was attending a professional conference), he came down from Cedar City and he asked me what I wanted to do. I saw a big storm over a mountain that reminded me of the movie, The Ten Commandments. "Can you get me up there in the middle of that," I asked him. He said he could and off we went. We drove to the mountain and up the mountain. It was sunny and beautiful all the way up, but soon it darkened and then snow began hitting the windshield. Pretty soon snow was hitting us from every side and I could see no sun anywhere. We were sliding around and it was beautiful. We saw another car that was stuck and some people were pushing it, and soon they got it going. So we turned around and I told him I thought we ought to get out of there.

    We turned around and he began speeding down the mountain, but on the other side. Within ten minutes, it was bright and sunny again and fifteen minutes we were zipping past sand and cactus. We could see the storm up the mountain, but it was now hot. Way too hot for snow! I'd never seen such rapid changes in weather.

    Anyway, we had a hoot. And we kept on driving. When I told my wife that night that we almost got stuck in a blizzard earlier in the day, she thought I was lying. I'd love to do it again.

    Oh, make sure you watch the movie Casino before you go.


  • smiddy

    Las Vegas was one of the stops my wife and I did on our 50th wedding anniversary a few years back. We did the helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon which was fantastic.landing their for a light snack and fed some small squirrels ? It`s about a 2-3 hour round trip but well worth the money . Walk through many of the Casinos as they all have something to offer in the way of beauty ,art and uniqueness from each other.

    The music/light show of the water fountains at the Pellagio is something to see.especially at night time .

    And make sure you take in the "old "section of the vegas Casinos as well .

    We stayed at Ceasers Palace and across the road on the corner is an Irish bar which I liked.

    We travelled their in march and the weather was very pleasant.

    Definetely take in some shows according to your budget ,surprisingly I didnt lose money on the pokies I came out about even.

    One regret I have I didnt purchase a spray painting that a few young guys were doing on the strip depicting L.V. I should have purchased one for a souvenir of our stay.

    And as they say whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

  • _Morpheus

    I appreciate all the feedback! Im at the airport now and will update later

  • jws

    Pack condoms

  • dogon

    I have been to Vegas several times. First off don't gamble but for a few dollars in the slot machine just to say you did. Its a waste of time and money. There are several things to do on the strip, see the free shows, at Cesar's and the Bellagio fountains. Then find a show you want to see, blue man group, Penn and Teller ect. You can drive out to Ryolite the ghost town, Hoover Damn, Spring Valley which is also out by Red Rocks canyon, or fire valley. I don't know if its open but a day drive out to Scottys castle in death valley is well worth the trip. In vegas you can go to pawn stars shop, the mob museum, the sign museum and combine the tickets and save money. If you go to Ryolite stop in at area 51 cafe and I even walked in and took a photo of the whore house. Funny girls walked out smiling and I said I just wanted a photo I was not a customer, then the smiles turned to frowns. LOL. Go down to Freemont st and see the huge TV screen that goes off every hour at night. Also a long zip line if so inclined at Freemont. See the huge gold nugget at the gold nugget casino. You can also go to the gun range and shoot a machine gun they rent if so inclined. There is sooo much to do there its crazy. But don't gamble.

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