Kingdom Hall Renovation

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Agree with ST ADD (Hey, did you realize that's "St Add"?

    KNow of this kind of remodel due to mold problems.

  • RubaDub

    If they are pulling the insulation out and taking the wall boards off it sounds like they may have a problem with mold.

    T ADD ...

    That is exactly what happened to a nearby KH here in South Florida. Mold is definitely a problem here. If they have evidence of mold, it really is much better to be proactive and upgrade things as quietly as possible whether or not there are any plans to sell in the short-term.

    If they ever did plan to sell in the foreseeable future, having it inspected and then found out by an outside party, there would be a big stain on their selling it and would be part of the public record.

    If it really is mold, they should get rid of it.

    If not, then it just may be, as mentioned above, getting it ready for sale by bringing it up to current code.

    Rub a Dub

  • exjwlemming

    As someone who had spent his whole career in the trades, ST ADD, DOC, and Rubadub are probably correct. The removal of drywall and insulation is a tell tale sign of mold issues. I could see the addition or removal of bearing or a non bearing wall for a typical remodel. The blanket removal of insulation and drywall seems like a mold abatement project. Mold removal requires trained people with the correct tools and personal protective equipment. You just don't rip into it with uneducated and unskilled conscripts. I hope these people have the knowledge and equipment. Some areas even require a governmental certification and licensing. Environmental testing before, during, and after the activities is sometimes warranted. It can be quite a health hazard to those working in and around. I knew of 3 KH in just my circuit had serious mold issues. So serious, that members of the congregation that were severely affected started going to different halls. Look up, sick building syndrome.

  • blondie


    Some areas even require a governmental certification and licensing.

    Of course, you realize that the WTS does not recognize governmental interference in their religious activities.

    PS as long as they think they won't get caught.

  • WTWizard

    Another way to take money from the masses and funnel it all up to the top. Already, we have the whole medical system (designed to strip money from people in the guise of "treatments" that BARELY improve the outcome, while suppressing real cures), energy systems that take all our money while polluting the earth (and blaming the people for using energy), working for piddling so your company can make thousands per hour of your labor, insurance that strips money (and freedom) from people to big holding companies that steal your money (and order how you are to live your life), taxes intended to enrich the Rothschilds at your expense (usually stolen from funds intended for infrastructure improvements), and buying things that are intentionally made to break after a short time (enriching a big holding company while putting more plastic in the ocean and rubbish in the landfill).

    And, every time anyone puts money into these religious scams, you are only adding psychic energy (which they have more than plenty of as is) to this. Every penny anyone puts into those boxes to work these churn scams goes directly into these other scams. You want to always work 110 hour weeks without retirement? If so, go ahead and put money into these religious scams (and the cat lick church is no better--I wouldn't donate even a penny toward that scam either). Otherwise, put your money toward something you want, pay down some debt with it (which you probably have plenty of, thanks to these reptilians taking our money and wealth away), or invest some by buying a small silver coin and keeping the silver.

  • Spiral

    If they had a mold problem in those halls, I wonder if they've told the congregation? A lot of potential exposure (mold and liability) there.

  • geevee

    If it is due to mould, I dont think that they have told anyone.....

  • Finkelstein

    Jehovah's earthly real estate company JWorg. is doing pretty good these days.

    About 3 billion $$$ worldwide apparently.

    Lies, coercion, fear mongering and corruption has done pretty good for the WTS/JWorg.

  • blondie

    I would think the WTS thinks the members at the KH are not entitled to know about the mold (their version of why some lying is okay).

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    My former congregation had a total rebuild down to exterior walls and the slab floor due to mold. Needed to be totally redone years later, because they didn't do an outside consult for mold remediation, so there was still mold. Lots of sisters had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    Neither project was a quick build. The first was all on the locals and took about six months. The second took several months with the RBC coming some weekends, but still mostly done during the week with the local congregation contributing heavily to labor, materials and food services.

    The RBC installed the soffits incorrectly, and when the project was nearly completed, there was a major wind/rainstorm one night. Totally destroyed the interior. Back to the drawing boards again. The brother in charge nearly had a nervous breakdown. What a circus.

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