Just Got Dubbed..

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    So if my calculations are correct SnuggleBunny you left about three years before the world was supposed to end. Forty plus years after that fiasco this guy is still there hanging around the Kingdom Hall sucking up the latest lies. You're still here enjoying your soup. Still no sign of Jehovah's magic kingdom. I wonder if it ever crosses his mind how he has wasted his life chasing a ridiculous fantasy.

    Spot on. I wrote my life story a while back, here's the appropriate 1975 section:

    >>We’re now getting into 1972. At this point, my meeting attendance is down to zero and my PO contacts my dad expressing his concern that I’m falling away from the JW’s. Most JW's are anticipating armageddon's arrival in 1975, but I'm not remotely convinced. Added to which, I’m occasionally sneaking off to a remote pub out in the countryside to enjoy a quiet pint and a cigar. I liked smoking cigars!

    I’m also having real issues with JW beliefs centering around a loving god killing off millions of people and the injustice of disfellowshipping (excommunication). I imagine myself trying to explain both of these witness tenets to someone who is rational and all I can see is incredulity that anyone could accept such cruelty. My dad offers to give me a private Bible study to address these issues. I don’t take up the offer.

    Witnesses are now contacting me to urge me to hang in there Snuggy, only 3 years to 1975. He that endures to the end..etc etc.<<

    punkofnice is right. Let's talk about the soup.
    What kind of soup was this?

    It was "Highland soup". Tasty, brown, full of pulses and beans, no meat though.

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