Jehovah's Witnesses 'ordered destruction' of notes which could have been used during child sexual abuse inquiry

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  • Vidiot

    David Graham - "There are certain individuals within the activist community who are trying to shrug off the huge child abuse problem within the watchtower."

    If there are, there aren't many.

    From what I can see, the most active XJW activists are abuse victims or their relatives.

    Any skeptical ones come around pretty quick; there's too much smoke for there to be no fire.

  • juandefiero

    GND and Joe have it right. It's poor journalism in the OP.

    I'm glad the WTS is getting bad press. However, the letter specifically states that documents related to sex abuse are to be retained, not destroyed.

    To assert otherwise is to spread something that isn't true, and gives more ammunition and weight to the "apostate lies" argument.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    **To assert otherwise is to spread something that isn't true, and gives more ammunition and weight to the "apostate lies" argument.**

    Backs up the arguments of the WT big, big time.

  • BluesBrother

    Since the BBC Radio 4 programme last Sunday that gave air-time to this investigation , I have been checking out the "Audit Checklist" and the "Shepherd The Flock" references so as to post up a refutation of these claims of "wholesale destruction of documents" . I see that Girl Next Door has done a good job of it already - Well done !

    My points would have been

    Elders are not supposed to keep personal data, anything important is to be handed to the secretary.

    Child abuse records are to be specially marked and kept permanently

    J W's have not been called by the Goddard enquiry , I doubt that they received any letter , as intimated by the BBC .

    I am surprised at the shoddy journalism of the Beeb . There are plenty of genuine complaints against the WTS without inventing some.

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo

    I appreciate the caution by some on this thread. And I'm all for accurate information. But I read the posted letter and I see this:

    "Correspondence relating to a case of child molestation should be sent to the branch office in one of our special blue envelopes with a covering letter of explanation. Material should be retained by the congregation only if directed by the branch office."

    "Only" was bolded in the letter.

    Let's suppose you are an elder in the UK. You have sent the info out in one of the blue envelopes. You receive no direction to "retain" the "material." What do you do? What's the opposite of retain? Destroy.

    I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding something here but it seems there is doublespeak and conflicting information in that letter.

  • Phizzy
  • MicaSmith
    Hi Brandnew:
    I just saw your post from a month ago. What you said is so incredible. I had to thank you for saying it because these are my exact sentiments.
    You Wrote" I think there are paedos hiding at the top of the ivory tower.Thus the reason for destruction of any evidence.
    I agree. This is what I believe. I think there is an "informal" pedophile ring starting at the top and making its way down. I think those men at the top, all seven of them are either directly involved or they are too deceitful to stop it, not to mention arrogant. It is the only thing that can explain why they refuse to do the right thing here. Also, it is has been my growing belief that they are psychopaths. I have a hard time believing that in the entire world 7 males, most of them of the same race were elected by God, to govern a global organization. I have always been troubled by that because it makes no sense to me. I do not trust them. Everything inside of me screams "something is wrong with this picture." No way are they representing God. It can't be. I will never relinquish my common sense. Never.
    I thank you for your bravery and honesty.
  • pepperheart
    Since 2014 the watchtower in the uk has been fighting the uk charity commission in the courts in the last few day the watchtower have taken it up to the uk supreme court, i wonder what they are scared about ???????
  • zeb
    denying a 'search warrant' ? Isnt that a contempt of court ?
  • oppostate

    Branch Records Destruction Policy Video

    "Sometimes a little encouragement from the overseers goes a long way with some of the folks who don't want to cooperate. We know how to talk to them"

    Branch presenter admits that handwritten note cost them USD$200,000.00 in litigation with company they were denying involvement with and other pearls.

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