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  • Gorb

    They make the elderly look stupid.

    Oh, what a fraud it is.


  • Listener
    JW Gone Bad - Why else would WT, during the 2021 AGM, address this belly-aching the rank & file are having about the Ramapo Media Center if it isn't really becoming a problem?

    It must seem a very strange thing that the Watchtower is doing by focusing on how important the building work is and that it's for Jehovah.

    It's been indoctrinated into JWs how the door to door work sets them apart from every other religion and now that's been stopped for nearly two years.

    They can't very well go telling Worldly people that they identify as the true religion because they are building media centres.

    You could probably say that to many JWs it doesn't make sense from a human or strategic standpoint and I guess that's why they are suggesting they will be used in the New World.

  • Drearyweather

    The point mentioned by Morris is not something new, they mentioned it in 2011 Annual meeting too when they launched the Warwick HQ project. This is what Guy Pierce said:

    “Has the Governing Body changed its mind about the closeness of the great tribulation?” asked Brother Pierce. “Not at all,” he answered. “If the great tribulation interrupts our plans, that will be wonderful, absolutely wonderful!”

    and the point about these facilities being used in the NEw World was also made long back in 2006 the video "Jehovah's Witnesses - Organised to share the good news:

    "To that end, the building of branch facilities, the new may be that many of these fine facilities will continue to be used as centers of education."

  • FFGhost
    Why else would WT, during the 2021 AGM, address this belly-aching the rank & file are having about the Ramapo Media Center if it isn't really becoming a problem?

    There are no coincidences in WT-world.

    There is also no proactivity.

    If they mention a specific, direct concern in a talk, or video, or "especially) in a Watchtower article, you can be 110% certain that they are responding to dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands, of reports from their functional KGB, the circuit overseers.

    Here's another example, from this week's Congregation "Bible" Study (Pure Worship Restored, 2018):

    More and more people today are being misled into thinking that Jehovah’s high standards are overly strict, out-of-date, or just wrong. Will you be misled? For example, if someone tries to convince you that God’s standards regarding homosexual conduct are mistaken, will you agree with him? Or will you agree with Jehovah God, whose Word clearly states that those who carry out such acts are “working what is obscene”? God warns us against approving of immoral conduct.
    Why are they coming down so hard on people who "approve of immoral conduct"? Because they've heard from their COs that JWs are weary of hating homosexuals, and JWs are neighbors to homosexuals who are more moral (true sense, not JW sense) than most JWs, and JWs go to school with homosexuals but astonishingly are not persuaded to change their own orientation, etc.

    I.e. JWs are discovering that sexual orientation does not make a person "good" or "bad", and that homosexuals can be and often are better people than even JWs.

    Can't have that! So the WTS responds with anti-homosexual vitriol and tells their followers "this is what you must believe".

  • smiddy3

    Maybe they are just transitioning into a Televangelist religion without actually saying so.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    A new media centre to be complete by 2026. Last Days my A$$.

    Likely become a Televangelist corporation like a 700club. They might realize the sheeples are a 'liability' in a way in lite of the abuse settlements.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Oops...sorry asp for starting another thread on the same topic when I should have just added to yours.

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