There are two cart witnesses outside of my office window - Faneuil Hall in Boston - should I approach them?

by Billzfan23 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Billzfan23

    I asked a couple of them farther up the street by North Station if they had ever seen Beth Sarim - and that they should look it up...for some interesting facts about their history.

  • sir82

    The more "trouble" people give them, the sooner this sort of work will collapse.

    Imagine if every cart witnesser had to face inconvenient questions from "apostates" every single time they went out on their assignment. There's nowhere to escape to, and a public audience, so they can't run away or ignore the questions.

    Cart witnessing would wither away like a plucked dandelion on a 100 degree day.

  • ToesUp
    No. Enjoy your day, go have a nice lunch. They won't get it or care. The higher ups are just telling the dubs that "they are apostate driven lies."
  • Divergent
    LOL... where are the people???
  • Quarterback
    Ah come on now. Bring them some hot coffee, and some nice donuts. Peace has to start somewhere.
  • oppostate

    Hey, I know that sister with the blue purse!

    By all means go there on your lunch break.

    Tell us how the anti-witnessing went.

  • Sanchy
    No, you will accomplish nothing but ruin their morning. They are only robots, remember that. Live and let live.
  • sir82

    Bring them some hot coffee, and some nice donuts.

    Absolutely. And then ask them the difficult questions. Tactfully.

    Suggestion number 1: "Can you give me the scriptural reason why accepting a transfusion of a blood component is a grave sin, while accepting a transfusion of a blood fraction is not? Scripturally, what is the difference between a component and a fraction?"

  • Quarterback
    I'm sure they'll be ready for Sir 82's question. Here is my question for Oppostate. What does that sister, with the blue bag, take in her coffee?
  • Crazyguy
    Yes go ask them questions they can't answer and point out some info about child molestation in thier org.

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