There are two cart witnesses outside of my office window - Faneuil Hall in Boston - should I approach them?

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    Throw water on them [on a warm day] and watch them melt.

  • pepperheart
    Yes you go to the carts and try to get as many teaching books from them as possible to put them in the trash BECAUSE they might not be able to replace them for much longer woth all the cut backs they have had these past 12 months. In a new post these past few days somebody was saying they are due to downsize the bethel at rome ie kick out lots of people that used to work there.
  • carla

    Why shouldn't they be confronted (politely) about their teachings? They are in a public space promoting harmful material. THEY are the ones who want to discuss these things they just don't like it being pointed out that they are false and run away. The more the public sees the real jw's the better in my opinion.

    Why not inform them about ARC, lawsuits, etc.... they sure as heck will not hear it from inside the kh.

    In my fantasy land, if a jw came to my door they would be required to listen to or watch MY views about their org until I decided it was enough. If you knock on my door and expect me to listen to your spiel the least you can do is return the favor and listen to my view. But they don't, they ask you to do what they are not willing to do themselves, examine their own beliefs.

  • minimus
    Who's Beth Sarim?

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