Blondie's Highlights from 11-15-2015 WT (FAITH)

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  • done4good

    blondie-The important thing to them is the CARROT, everlasting life on a paradise earth in good health surrounded by your loved ones. Nothing gets in the way of that, they will endure just about anything for that promise.

    Thank you, Blondie for putting up with reading this stuff weekly...I know I could not.

    As far as the above is concerned, I wonder how much of this really is just fear, not hope. Most JWs that live "normal" lives I think care less about some future world that they deep down know does not exist. That thinking is mostly reserved for those that have nothing to begin with, (which of course, is why WT tries very hard to keep people uneducated and in a desperate state). However for the "normal" majority, I believe they are simply too fearful of what might happen if they open their eyes.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    I agree 100% of what you say. Imagine JW's who have invested 45-50plus years of their lives into the Borg. The CANNOT open their eyes now. After investing their lives into pretty much all of their adult lives, they cannot be reasoned with otherwise, no matter how much evidence is shown to them about the Borg. They cannot or just don't want to be told otherwise!!!!! That's just the way it is.

  • Heaven

    "It's called Faith because it isn't Knowledge. " - Christopher Hitchens

    So I'm supposed to listen and accept what this clown says? I think not:

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