Blondie's Highlights from 11-15-2015 WT (FAITH)

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  • skin

    Yeah I can't understand how many more people aren't questioning;

    Questioning means that you are doubting, doubting comes from Satan. You need to keep a clear mind or else you could lose your faith. Having faith in WT and never doubting their words are more important than Gods word.

  • prologos
    never doubting their words are more important than Gods word.

    Gods word ?? talking snake, talking asses, floating axes, humans walking on top of waves? floating on top of Everest?

    on the level of Red Riding hood.

  • blondie

    The majority of jws I knew pre 200 could not understand the 1914 doctrine then. I was always being dragged on other people's rvs and switching to talks about 1914...jws that had ben in over 25 years, still couldn't understand it, just believed blindly.

    The important thing to them is the CARROT, everlasting life on a paradise earth in good health surrounded by your loved ones. Nothing gets in the way of that, they will endure just about anything for that promise.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    It's understandable that people will be drawn to a promise of a perfect world, absolute health endless life. Truly, that's what keeps people in the Borg chasing and living that dream. Cheating death in a way, of sorts, by staying on this extremely narrow path.


    "For instance, many of us have changed our attitudes and practices so drastically that we are almost unrecognizable to those who knew us before."

    Uh...yeah....that's because you're in a cult!


  • JakeM2012
    Thanks Blondie.
  • WTWizard

    What happens when I see God's "promise" as being one of being enslaved under communist conditions? The whole promise is nothing more than bait designed to get people hooked on that damnation book (LIE-ble) and instruction from the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger for your own damnation. Forgive others, even if they deliberately set out to ruin your life, or joke-hova will not forgive you--so they can fully enslave you? Give up everything, so you can be fully dependent on joke-hova when it decides to destroy your soul?

    Why anyone would want to do anything for that monster of a god they have--all that thing wants is for you to be enslaved. And, why so much focus on ancient Israel? How many of those within the congregation are even Jewish, let alone belonging to ancient Israel? Those parts do not apply to everyone, just those professing to belong to ancient Israel. For everyone else, Israeli law (especially ancient Israeli law, which may not even be still in force) does not apply. This makes as much sense for everyone else as obeying a 30 MPH speed limit on a road where the posted limit is 70--or worrying about a 21 year drinking age in a country where it is 16. If you would not worry about obeying a law of that type if it is not in effect where you are now, why worry about obeying Israeli laws that are outdated?

  • Atlantis


    Thank you!


  • Pistoff

    Kudos to Blondie, who is able to tolerate the swill that WT serves up.

    1. Peter is dogged by the Bible editors constantly, he let his faith waver, he betrayed Jesus, he didn't want Gentiles in.

    Makes me wonder if the pro-church canon editors really believed Peter was the cornerstone.

    2. Let's remember that Paul never mentions any miracles or teachings about Jesus, not one, so this 'miracle' that Jesus and Peter, by extension, performs has to be put into the category of "nor to pay attention to myths and endless genealogies, which give rise to mere speculation rather than furthering the administration of God which is by faith" 1 Tim 1:4.

  • ToesUp
    The GB is worried. Very worried! They have done it to themselves. Listen again to the 2014 Zone Mtg. Anthony Morris III talk. This has made more people then we know doubt.

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