Tony Morris hijacking GB

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  • blondie

    They have a sorry lot to choose from.

  • waton
    Not that there's anything redeeming about being a 'deep thinker' like Splaine, or like he imagines himself. He idolizes Franz and loves to speculate to the absurdest degrees. neat blue dog:

    You do not need to be a deep thinker to realize that when it comes to doctrine and bible adherence (talking snake level), wt is in deep trouble.

    Perhaps D. Splane fancied himself to be able to fix that by modifying doctrine, and introducing concepts he concocted, believed were "inspired" in a "studious" way.

    Recent Old light, New light "congregation bible" study shows that. "refinements" that raise more questions. like the 16 faced total personality of the deity. or the last minute marking on the forehead and immediate following execution at the bif A. therefore,

    the purely power oriented leaders thrive. The wt GB like the kremlin K-GB are merely vehicles for them.

    i feel sorry for the humane and sincere among them.

  • punkofnice

    Probably TOMO the turd is the biggest bully on the board. Is he a drunken brawler?

    The rest of the paedophile protectors are probably frightened of a drunken old sot.

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