Tony Morris hijacking GB

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  • asp59

    Has the GB been hijacked by Tony Morris? Hes the host many times on jw videos. Saying GB members wanting him too host. Many decisions taken by GB are things i heard Tony Morris talk about in his speeches years ago. How you should only marrie appointed brothers. Baptism of children. Appointments of younger JWs. His hate for homosexuell in jw videos. I'm starting to wonder if he's taken over GB and makes the decisions. I have met some elder brothers with serious mental problems. Only reason they become elders was them being pioneers. They are really hard to get rid of after they have received a appointment. Morris gonna be around giving speeches and taking decisions for a long time ;-)

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    I heard recently that Sanderson is the most influential one of the GB.

  • waton

    David Splane does not have that Buddha like, pleased with himself face, . his rescue efforts failed.

    the shallow thinkers fleurish. smile, you are on camera.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog


    Not that there's anything redeeming about being a 'deep thinker' like Splaine, or like he imagines himself. He idolizes Franz and loves to speculate to the absurdest degrees.

  • smiddy3

    I wish they would keep Stephen Lett doing the TV segments his performances would bring them in by the thousands.

  • Rivergang


    Being a “pioneer” certainly fast-tracked one to an appointed position. Marvellous what doors it opened, that certain column on the Monthly Report form which is entitled “Hours”!

  • FFGhost

    Morris strikes me as very likely the least intelligent (yeah, that's a low bar) guy on the GB. He doesn't seem very charismatic either, so it seems unlikely he is "taking over".

    Splane always presents himself with an "I'm the guy in charge" air, and Sanderson does seem to be getting more prominent roles in explaining their "deep" things. If I had to guess, I'd say those two are the most influential.

  • asp59

    When it comes to charisma, intelligent and education, they seem to be same level all of them. But Morris family i read are wealthy. That counts a lot in this org.

  • Listener
    But Morris family i read are wealthy.

    Youtuber, The Blue Envelope, has made several video's about Tony Morris with a lot of interesting information. It appears his name is really Anthony Morris Junior and used on legal documents but likes to be known as 'the third'.

    It was Morris himself that has given the impression that he was rich but it appears that he is not. The Blue Envelope provides a lot of documents to prove this.

  • truth_b_known

    Remember that intelligence does not equal knowledge. It is the ability to learn and figure things out.

    Tony Morris reminds me a lot of a Presiding Overseer I had for years. He's 90% organizational and 10% religious on on good day. I see him as the Rutherford of our day.

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